Favourite cities/Places to live


Nov 8, 2006
for those of you who have lived abroad in different locations, where did you feel more at home, and which of them would you call home if you left your country for good?
Where did you fell less "nostalgic", "depaysee" or that feeling that just you don't belong there? I refer when you just know that you won't fit nor do you feel the urge to make the adaptations because you don't share the same values/believes
And speaking about cities, even if you weren't to make it home for a couple of reasons, which one did you like best?
I have already spoken of why and what I disliked about american cities, I would be very much interested in knowing your opinion Many of you seem to have travelled quite a lot, which I haven't. As many in this country, I would love to "visit" for some long months Paris (not with in my reach as long as the gov. keeps this exchange rate), anybody of you had any experience?
Thanks both for your answers, I've heard a quite a lot about Barcelona from Argentinos, very positively indeed. Hope one day to have the chance to visit.
All that I know so far Is what I've seen on "Todo sobre mi madre" featuring a well known argentine actress.(Cecilia Roth). There was something called like la rambla?
When it comes to Utah or Israel, I have no clue. Except for the ski, I can't remeber the name of oone of the biggest ski resorts I've been told about. It's the state where most of the mormons live, isn't it? Thanks for "desasnarme"
Of all the cities I have lived . Many for sure are the most beautiful. That does notmean they are all worth living. I would never live in FairfieldCounty again, Miami ( though I love the beach and the weather)
Paris, San Francisco, Florence and DC. For many reasons other than the beauty. As for friends my expat friends here are a delight.
I must make this remark as an argentine-american that I am. It is much easier for Americans who want to try to live here to make good argentine friends than thos of us who have lived most of our lives abroad.
It is the same thing I here about expats making freinds with expats. Yet again, there is no rule and it is not fair to generalize.
I have come to the conclusion, after living in so many places and sharing with so many culutures, that we are all human beings we think alike and have the same issues -it's just the ethnicity that gives us a different hue: the essence is the same.
Favourite cities in argentina are these Parana for friendly people beautiful scenery and tranquil atmosphere.
Mendoza for laid back charm beautiful culture and civilised peope all in a stunning setting.
Also you must visit Tucuman and Cordoba for beautiful people
"bf4" said:
When it comes to Utah or Israel, I have no clue. Except for the ski, I can't remeber the name of oone of the biggest ski resorts I've been told about. It's the state where most of the mormons live, isn't it?
Yes, Utah is a predominantly Mormon state, though, there are plenty there who are not Mormons. There are some great ski areas there. You're probably thinking of Park City.
The people in Israel I found to be very welcoming and the relaxed atmosphere really made me feel at home. El Al Airlines security though was not so welcoming as I was searched and interrogated for three hours, then, searched again before getting on the plane.
I was there right after the recent conflict with Lebanon this year. But people there just go about their business and don't let it bother them. It was kind of tense in the Temple Mount area and in East Jerusalem and Bethlehem. But in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem proper it was completely relaxed. I just felt at home there. I guess it's something I can't really explain, but felt inside. And I'm not Jewish. I haven't been to Turkey but would like to. Dubai is another place I liked but could only afford a few days.
I and a couple of Swiss chums did find our little Shangri-La a couple of years ago, but the three of us swore a pact of secrecy, the violation of which will result in violent retribution from the other two. The raison d'etre for this solem pact was we didn't want riff-raff (other than ourselves) piling into the place and ruining its pristine beauty and innocence.
Gibraltar was interesting to visit by yacht, but I couldn't live there. It's dirty and rather shallow. It does of course has it's novelties like Brit policemen, fish and chips and a decent pint of beer. It's a bit like going back in time 50 years. Very weird.
I also lived in Cataluna for a couple of years, but I found it too full of expats and German motorhomes. Also, it was just too hot for me.
Buenos Aires suits me but we would really like to live in Puerto Madryn for the climate if nothing else.
buenos aires has definetly become the new hot spot for expatriate looking for that free and easy lifestyle.
Have to say this city has changed tremendously over the last 5 years for the better and it just gets more positive daily