What Is Your Favourite Place In Buenos Aires ?


Jul 7, 2006
If it´s posible to choose just one, what is your favourite place in Buenos Aires ? Where is your favourite park, special restaurant, awesome building or the best block in the city ?
The lake near the Lisandro de la Torre train station, it's not as nice as the one in the Rosedal, but there's just something about it...
Botanical Gardens every Sunday. It's a great place to read and somehow feels quiet and peaceful despite being located between Santa Fe and Las Heras. Not to mention it has a well-maintained restroom. Too few parks have such luxuries.
Reserva ecologica and the fair around it too. Delicious artesanal cheeses for sale!
My favourite area is around Billignhurst y Guardia Vieja in Almagro, not too many modern buildings and lots of decent bars and a few cafes.

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I love el Paseo de Rosedal, the Italian pasta restaurant Parolaccia, walking around palermo soho on a sunny day :) There used to be a house right on thames after plaza serrano that I dreamt of living in, but they tore it down to put a store or apartment complex there :angry: .