Favourite Eats under $40/50 a head


Jul 13, 2005
Everyone has their favourite eats under $50 (under $40 if you can!) in the city, we're looking for some new ones.

Here's a few of ours (bear in mind prices have increased lately, so wine may put the bill over, but at the following two people can eat well with one bottle of wine, one of water, and either a shared appy + 2 mains, or 2 mains + shared dessert for under 100 pesos easily)

Prepare to Wait:

Las Cholas -- Las Canitas
With their parrillada completa and reasonably priced wines, you can go home full and satisfied for less than $35 a head. Try their sister restaurants Las Cabritas as well.

La Rondinella (Cantina) -- Collegiales
Join the line of pensioners (even at 11:30pm) and have a great meal. The trucha a la manteca negra is recommended here (as much as fish can be recommended in a city that doesn't do it that well)

Neighbourhood Standouts:

Sudeste (Bajo de San Isidro)
Worth the drive, the food is fresh, well prepared, and delicious. They do not charge a large margin on wines. Bring your own bottle and pay a descorche only. A nice romantic dinner in a rustic house -- be sure to bring CASH, credit cards not accepted and it's a long drive to the nearest bank machine!

Salgado Alimentos (Villa Crespo)
Former fabrica de pastas, simple, delicious food. Indulge in the chocatorta.

El Club de la Milanesa (Bajo Belgrano y Palermo Hollywood, there may be other locations)
Everything Milanesa, don't bother if you don't like milanesas!

La Celeste (Palermo Hollywood)
Best mollejas I've had in a long time -- nice and crispy with lots of lemon. Separate smoking and non-smoking restaurants side by side.

For set lunches:
Social Paraiso (Palermo)
Sudestada (Palermo Hollywood)
Nice set menus for lunch at each, though their evening menus are very pricey.

I hope some others can add their favourites so we can try something new! You can find the info for all of the above places on Guia Oleo
Status - Congreso. It's great peruvian food, and I believe the oldest peruvian restaurant in BA. Try it and you shan't be disappointed. It is very inexpensive but portions are generous.
In Once there's this Peruvian restaurant where you eat for under $40

I don't know what the name of the place is, but it's a peruvian restaurant @ Pasco (entre Hipólito Irigoyen and Rivadavia. Mi fav: bisteck a lo pobre. Rice, fries, vegetables and lomito.. all fried up :)
Buen Goro said:
Its called Chan Chan, I think...the juice is amazing ;)

Chan Chan is not in Once, it is in Monserrat on the corner of Hipolito (Yrigoyen)y San Jose. I think the other Peruvian resturant that you are thinking of is in Abasto, I have head it is good, but have never been there.

I like to go to guiaoleo.com.ar and you can organize by barrio, price, delivery and many other attributes.
Vegetarian all-you-can-eat places (listed according to my preferences):

Los Sabios, in Almagro
Bodhi, in Balvanera
Spring, in Palermo

These places offer a good variety of veggie food. They are worth trying! All of them under $40 with drinks included.

For me (as a vegetarian) these places are a must from time to time. I am not vegan though, so I can survive with pizza and pasta, but ending up full of veggie food is deffinitely not the same feeling hehe....

Tip: Arrive there early (around 8:30) to be able to try a bit of everything. Later, after the crowds finally let you through, everything is gone (sometimes that really happens)!