Feminist Groups?


Jun 1, 2007
Hey, I'm looking for feminist groups or organizations in Buenos Aires. I am a feminist activist at heart, and I want to find a good groups to get involved with before I go down there this fall. Any suggestion or advice is welcome! Thanks,eliza
In Argentina women actually think and care about their Femininity
so they stay away from anything and everything called Feminism and everyone called a Feminist. Take that crap elsewhere.
You and me both need to read the rules of this site a tiny bit better. Rule number 41851 clearly states that one is not allowed to express an opinion that is politically incorrect.But yeah fuck that filthy shit man.
I think all the replys to a perfectly reasonable thread are not only non UC but ignorant and I am not one of the PC brigade which I find hypocritical and void of humour.
But what does that mean "in argentina women actually think and care about their femininity etc"
If they really care about their feminity they should be offended about how the female form is depicted commercialy as a sexual vessel. If they really care about their feminity they would not be the largest consumers of cosmetic surgery in the world, they would also eat some food because the true female form is as Botticelli depicted, round, fertile and voluptuous, not the starved skinny bodies of the average Argentine woman who lives off lettuce leaves because she is terrified that her husband is going to run off with another anorexic if she pits on a few kilos. (oh on that point we should be looking at the Argentine male psyche about why true female form frightens them! but thats another NON PC thread)
feminist means taking an interest in womens role in society, pushing for womens equality with men and eradicating female oppression. What the hell has that got to do with not being feminine? So I as a three times married mother of six who lives in lipstick stockings, wonderbras has never had lesbian relations, who loves shagging my MAN am a DYKE! because I also have an interest in feminist groups. Such as domestic violence organisations and incest which is not only rampant in Argentina but there is not ONE organisation that protects young girls from sexual violence in the home.
Actually elpanada Argentina is so RETRO when it comes to equality, womens rights, sexual discrimination, the abuse of female sexuality in advertising, I welcome any DYKES to come to Argentina to make the differnce that it so needs. So darling Elizacate get you dyke ass over here and sort this lot out.
Also E-mail me because I too would love to be involved with some FEMINIST organisations here to help try make some desperate changes to this archaic Macho society.
Regards from very hetrosexual Auntieapple (also a feminist)
Feminism is about Satanism, Oppression, Hate and EVIL. All that shines through your words is your underlying hate for Argentinian women, what's the matter ha can't you compete with them beautiful women for those native men? Most of the foreign women that make their way to Argentina are actually very nice women and the local women are never going to be interested in the crap you're selling. Do come on over here and waste your time on feminism, knock yourself out.
Dear Elpanada,
I am rather worried about your very sad response to my comments. Your comments only confirm your ignorance and confirm your insecurities as a woman here in Argentina.
Satanism? Oppression? Hate? Evil? whooooops?
well we can see why Argentina also has more psychotherapists per capita than anywhere else in the world!
Oh! one other thing, before you choke on another lettuce leaf to calm your panic attack, I thought this was a site for EX-PATS. This site is a forum for Ex pats to exchange their experiences and feelings good and bad about beings ex-pats here in Argentina. Your initial response to Elizacates thread was rude and ignorant,
your response to my post just confirms my comments about how retro Argentine society is and how ignorant you are.
get my drift?

"Argentina has the world's highest rates of aesthetic surgery," says Mabel Bello, psychiatrist and founder of ALUBA, the Association for the Fight Against Anorexia and Bulimia. "When you are talking about how preoccupied with beauty our society is, that is the most telling statistic."
Don't Starve For Me, Argentina
The inspiration here is an article by Lori Leibovich for Salon.com:
Argentineans are obsessed with their bodies. More so than even Americans. We gulp liquid "meal substitutes" and buy the latest diet bibles , but at a certain point we let it go. And as a nation we are still overweight.
In Argentina they take more drastic measures. Plastic surgery and starvation are national pastimes that cross gender, age and class boundaries. Since 1970, approximately one in every 30 Argentines has opted for cosmetic surgery, estimates Luis Majul, author of "The Masks of Argentina," a book about Argentines who have had their faces lifted and buttocks sculpted. Those who have gone under the knife include such luminaries as President Carlos Menem and soccer star Diego Maradona, but working-class people nip and tuck in large numbers as well. Public hospitals offer special summer deals on popular procedures like nose jobs and liposuction.
And ironically, in the land of beef and "papas fritas," eating disorders are rampant. Argentina has a higher incidence of anorexia and bulimia per capita than either the United States or Europe. I asked one young woman how the populace remained so thin in a land awash in rich foods. "Young women just don't eat," she said. "They smoke."
Relentlessly fashionable and notably haughty, Argentines have always considered themselves a cultural cut above the rest of South America, trumpeting their European ancestry and labeling their Latin neighbors boorish. Here, style is the ultimate virtue. Consider Eva Perón, who transformed herself from bumpkin to first lady with the help of a few Chanel suits and who today is remembered as much for her elegance as for her checkered political and social achievements.
How did a Latin American country thousands of miles away from Madison Avenue and Hollywood become so image obsessed? Some Argentines I spoke with blamed the nation's preoccupation with the body on the country's volatile political and economic climate. "Staying thin and looking beautiful is one thing that people have control over here," said Mauro, a 19-year-old engineering student, who sat chain-smoking at a Buenos Aires cafe. Others said that the Italian immigrants who settled in Argentina at the turn of the century simply brought with them a flair for fashion and an appreciation of beauty. And some Argentine feminists say that "machismo" is responsible for the epidemic, encouraging a climate where women are valued for how they look, not who they are.
Whatever the cause of the national obsession, its effects are clear. On the streets adolescent girls look malnourished, their hip bones jutting from beneath their jeans, their faces gaunt. Women walk the streets scantily clad — half-shirts, painted-on jeans and crotch-length skirts are the rage — flaunting their rib cages and synthetic bosoms.
This is the most retarded thing I have ever read. So now I am an Argentinian woman aye?Well well well, while I myself do consider me partially Argentinian many would disagree with that claim of mine since my ancestry is not Argentinian and I have only spent 12 months in Argentina. As for being a woman or female in general well I do not know how to reply to that really, it's funny that you made this assumption based on my remarks is the reason for you doing so perhaps that you would like nothing more than to out-debate an Argentinian woman and to show your supremacy over such a person?
"I thought this was a site for EX-PATS. This site is a forum for Ex
pats to exchange their experiences and feelings good and bad about
beings ex-pats here in Argentina."
(snipped) Here Elpanada emotionally explains that this site is not for expats only.
I would also suggest to read "Site Membership" paragraph on About this site page.--igor
Our landlord used to be a diputada during the Menem era and I'm not sure if she considers herself a feminist but she fought for women's rights. She mentioned there was a woman who won a national pistol shooting competition and they would not award her a prize b/c she was a woman and another case where she fought for women's right to be referees for competitive soccer games. Even after her term ended she was invited to countries such as Turkey and China to see the conditions there. Really fascinating person but she does not speak English...I can ask her if she knows of any org. and then will send a note to those interested ?
"Elpanada" said:
You and me both need to read the rules of this site a tiny bit better. Rule number 41851 clearly states that one is not allowed to express an opinion that is politically incorrect.
Nope, actually it was rule number 41852 that says that single sentence remarks like "Why don't you go where you came from?" are not considered meaningful unless you at least elaborate on the subject. Nothing to do with political correctness.