Finding remote jobs


Aug 26, 2014
Hello all!

I have been living and getting paid in pesos here (BA) for over 3 years and I´m done! I am looking for a remote job in Admin/VA that pays USD. I wanted to ask people how they did it and if they have any advice.

A lot of people start on Upwork, but they have become very strict with new members and I haven’t been able to get my profile approved yet.

Any insight/advice is greatly appreciated!
1. Did you try other sites similar as upwork?

For example. Truelancer, Guru, Hubstaff and many more?

2. Did you sign up for Linkedin and regularly writing to advertisers there or following managers of companies yu want to work with and interacting with them?

3. Update your Linkedin profile with the right keywords so you are picked up when someone is searching for someone with your profile.

4. If you excel in certain things or skills, pick up questions on topics related to it, on and answer questions related to it to stand out.

5. Write and publish blogs on - if you have some specific knowledge and use appropriate keywords so you are picked up in random organic google searches.

6. Get a US number to make out going calls and start calling to related companies who may be interested in your skills.

7. Create a sample of your work and send it with your application as a attachment.

8. Create a ad on Craigslist USA and answer ads on Craigslist specific to your industry and skills.

9. Attend networking events in BA such as internations or charity dinners or if you have funds, travel for seminars in USA to network and have a reach to possible employers.

10. Offer your service to other people who are on upwork and offer to work as their assistant while they get the main job thanks to good reviews accumulated over the years.

Hope at least 1 of these 10 points are helpful to you.