Finding things to enjoy in Buenos Aires


Aug 30, 2009
I acknowledge that I am an obnoxious ass but I really appreciate the fact that many of you over looked this to offer your help and opinion about my problem with my neighbor making too much noise. I am trying to find a better place mentally here and started seeing a therapist. The first exercise she gave me was to list the things I like about Buenos Aires and the things I dont. I know there are many things that I am missing about what there are to like. I am hoping that someone can open my eyes to the things that I am missing.

Good thing in BsAs
* Things are cheaper here
* There are more things to do
* It can be quiet sometimes
* It is easier to make friends here
* People are very social
* I can afford to see therapist once a week.
* Tai Chi/kung fu is cheap
* I get to kiss all the girls i meet.
* I can help people with their english.
* Cheap public transportation

Bad things about BsAs
* Too many people in the streets
* It is not only dirty it is shitty.
* Hot and sweaty in the summer.
* People are not considerate of strangers
* People are too loud
* People are too opinionated with being knowledgeable
* Limited consumer goods.
* Expensive foreign products
* Poor quality goods
* Poor customer service
* Poor personal security
* Old noisy buses and subways.
* Crowded buses and subways.
* Shortage of change.
* Limited produce(where can i find limes)
Rescueme said:
. . . . I know there are many things that I am missing about what there are to like. . . .
Good thing in BsAs
. . . * I can afford to see therapist once a week.

But tell us more about yourself, and we can increase the list. One aspect of the city, though small among my own enjoyments of it, is the availability (with careful searching) of skillful yet (compared to North America and northwestern Europe) inexpensive labor: for example, massmade shirts fit me poorly, but I can buy made-to-measure here for half the price abroad.

Rescueme said:
. . . . Bad things about BsAs
. . . * Old . . . subways. . . .
In an example of how tastes differ, I rather like this.
How about the beautiful architecture? The Tango music? The history (which is really cool, if you haven't read about it already)? All the animals in Jardín Zoológico? The sweets? My favorite thing recently is watching the groups of old men talk to each other. They always look so excited, and they use their hands a lot to talk, and I find this really endearing :)
I love the A line.
I ride its wooden cars, with glass light fixtures, whenever I can.

I love collectivos with filete on them...

Modern- Bah!!

You want modern, go to Singapore.
The food is really good there, too.
But it lacks the SOUL that Buenos Aires has- in fact, I think there is a direct relationship between modern, clean, and quiet, and boring, soulless, and rigid.

If you want to see what is good about Buenos Aires, buy this book-
and go have a drink, or something to eat, in every place in the book.
If, at the end of that, you cannot find things to love about Buenos Aires- Hey, I hear they are hiring IT people in Bellevue Washington...
Maybe you should move there.
Go to Lagos de Palermo today, rent some blades, and check out the veritable smorgasbord (sp?) of lovely poteñas y extrajeras... and you might even be so happy that you skip this week's therapy session.

It's gonna be a great day today, get outside.
I understadn the process you are into, once the fairytale of being in a new place vanishes you start feeling everything very gloomy and ugly. I`ts part of the process of adaptation.

The mexican city I studied felt the same on year four, I just hated it and felt it was the worst city on earth. My lifesaver was to start a blog about the city, writting about it´s cute parks, the cheap lifestyle, announcing theatre and cultural events... at the end I ended up finding so much about the city for the blog I just fell in love again and, even better, I got involved with great people and in cool projects.

Hope my good-list about Buenos Aires can help:

-Amazing, comfy bookstore Ateneo (just sit there and enjoy a book)
-Italian style icecream you can buy late at night (my favorite is Perssico)
- Really good and affordable theatre.
- Recoleta Park on Sundays
- Old subway, old buildings, old stuff
- Watching the family of suricates (meerkats) in the zoo
-Funny church with a lot of soaps inside (sorry, forgot the name but it`s fun to hunt it, lol)
-Cheap public transportation that allows you to leave Baires on the weekend.
- Walking in the streets of Belgrano, Palermo, specifically around embassies.
- Crazy football fans with images of Maradona as a saint ( I saw one in Retiro station)
- Enjoing coffee
-Following a cat in the graveyard (they are my tourist guides).
-Old men talking
-The sky upside down, amazing stars (well, obviously its better when you go out the city, lol)

Have a happy sunday :)
I love bumbling around the quiet parts of palermo. Lots of cafes and restaurants to lounge around in, surrounded by street art and cobbled tree lined streets.

I love eating and drinking! A good meal or drink in a great restaurant or bar is much more affordable here, one of the areas that BA offers really good quality and value.

Plus there's lots of live music, great art, galleries, museums and in general I love the architecture.

Appreciate that enjoying night life and eating out might be difficult if you've got a young baby. For me the nightlife and the cultural side of things balances out a lot of things I don't like.
Alfajores, good wine, relaxed people, informality, pretty girls. With respect when you say that "people are not considerate of strangers"...well, what do you mean exactly? I'm from London...which I believe to be a wonderful city...but dammit, Londoners are not specially considerate of strangers either, and neither are New Yorkers, Istanbulites, people from Teheran, or I imagine any other big city..Day to day, I actually, genuinely find standards of public behaviour to be high here. People do stand up for older people on the subte, you don't get gangs of British style feral kids doing their thing, there's less overt drunkeness and the violence that goes along with it.
Kissing the girls you meet,
What about kissing the men you meet? LOL