Finding things to enjoy in Buenos Aires


I must say you post really made me laugh hysterically. I think the same thing happens to everyone, once you become adapted to a new city, you start to see more the annoyances than you do the benefits. I've been here two years and I'm still adapting. I'm struggling still with the language, no matter what anyone says, I will not be persuaded that Spanish is an easy language to learn.

Honestly, in order to make this list lush, you'll need to figure what exactly you're looking for. If you're into music or socializing some of those may mean more than the loud buses for example.

I still this most is a bit old, are you still in Buenos Aires?


I was in San Telmo and Montserrat tonight and never noticed the cheap hookers - but I did get through a lot of the local beer and quite a few shots of anisette - so that might explain it :) The street tango was great and coming home to pizza and empanadas was pretty good too - but I just know I am going to have a shit of a hangover in the morning :)


What's the fun about BA if you can't afford to pay for the things that make your life worthwhile? There are plenty of places where that is possible.

But after 6 year here

* My girlfriend
* My friends
* Going out about 3 times a week with interesting and mainly non-foreigners and surely not in boring Palermo with bars full of non interesting foreigners who don't know where to go and don't have enough money to spend to have fun
* Eating out and reading the herald
* Having a swimmingpool, sauna and gim in my place which I can use when I want
* Going to my home country when I want
* Very few people demanding anything from me
* Coming and going to Argentina when I want
* Going to River Plate on a sunday. Home and away
* Watching funny things happening on news stations
* Talking to the kioskero
* Going to zona norte and meeting loads of interesting, educated and beautifull people and last but not least educated staff in the places where you go, cleaner and little or no garbage on the streets
* Going to the Rio
* Knowing Santiago, Asucion, Bogota, Coritiba, Sao Paulo or Puerto Alegre is just a short flight away
* No need to have a car
* About 320 to 340 days a year without rain
* Summer, Spring, Autumn and winter where it never goes below 0 C
* Playing futbol with friends
* Going with the subte or bus outside of hora pika
* All day futbol on TV
* Going to the movies on a monday or tuesday when there are not a lot of people
* PLaying sports like roller hockey, tennis or squash.
* Direct tv for when your boring
* Playing pool in a bar


What's the fun about BA if you can't afford to pay for the things that make your life worthwhile?
Well, as a middle class local, that could never afford living as you do, I still find the city fascinating. Walking alone in BA is a great great thing that we take for granted but that you can only find in a city of this size and character (Paris, New York, Berlin...) Markets, neighbourhoods, immigrants´ restaurants (the Bolivian Downtown is my secret hate-love place), movies and theater, museums, it is a real capital.

More free or cheap things: meeting lots of girls, the ice-cream, the meat, futbol if this is your thing, even free polo matches, tango, La Bomba, peñas, rock bars (where a liter of shitty Quilmes is USD 3.50 and you drink from the bottle), and people everywhere. Massive public events, small shops, the crispy winter days, the cloudy autumn ones. Taking the bus to somewhere just because, ditto the old A metro line, looking at old buildings, snacking in Puerto Madero (mmmm, choripan), people watching in Florida street, so much things to do,not enough time.


I just paid about 150 peso for a soccer game(ticket and a burger and fries) and I don't consider it very cheap, especially if you are a middle class local

The point is offcourse that if you are living as a middle class local in Argentina there is really no point in staying a long time if you are not an Argentine. You are better off everywhere else in the developed world.

As a non-Argentine you also will never have the same benefits(Long term friends, family, begin in the country you are born in and grown up in) as Argentines even not if you are married or dating a Argentine