Jan 2, 2007
Anyone affected by it? It took me over an hour to walk home and water up to my thighs. Palermo Hollywood totally flooded along Juan B Justo and Hubmoldt. LM Campos was impassible - cars were floating. By the casino, water was up to my thighs. Incredible...
Yeah Palermo always floods when it rains heavily; it's in a valley I suppose.

MAN, in BA, when it rains it TYPHOOOONS!
unstuck said:
Yeah Palermo always floods when it rains heavily; it's in a valley I suppose.

MAN, in BA, when it rains it TYPHOOOONS!
Juan B. Justo used to be a river. Now that river is in huge underground sewage pipes. Sometimes the water still wants to go where it used to. Flooding happens in places like that. You notice that the railroad is street level around Gorriti & Honduras and then rises up by the time it passes over Paraguay. That's because it was best if the tracks weren't under water. Even at Gorriti & Honduras, the tracks are higher than Juan B. and Godoy Cruz/Uriarte.

I endured SNOW in the States this past Thursday/Friday. I'm glad that I'm missing the flooding. Please enjoy your meal.


My girlfriend and I couldn't even get near to our home in Nunez from Villa Crespo. We took the 55 bus which went down one of the only un-flooded streets in Palermo and ended up in the river on Libertador near the Rosedal. Parts of the road were 3 feets underwater and this was 3 hours after the storm. Avenida Santa Fe was completely flooded where is meets Juan B Justo and the was a bus stuck in the water in Puente Pacifico. But not to worry, the city government was there with a motor boat ready for the rescue :p

We ended up having to spend the night in a friends office all the way back in Villa Crespo. We knew we weren't going to have much luck we saw a running river out in the street during the storm.

We just made it back home at 6am...

I went to Konex last night, and that part of Once was flooded. My shoes were ruined. I hate the way the slightest bit of rain causes mass flooding.
Juan B. Justo was built over the very large Arroyo Maldonado. Surrounding areas flood with heavy rains, and Luis Maria Campos becomes a stream.

To alleviate the flooding, a giant tunneling machine is building a huge drainage pipe that will go from Niceto Vega to the river - there was an article about it in Sunday's La Nacion.

The flooding last night was incredible and much worse than before due to the very large amount of rain 90 millimetres in two hours .

Palermo was very affected especially around Juan B Justo . I have a friend whose house was never flooded before has now 20 centimetres of water .

The weather has been very strange this year
i live in a ground floor apartment in palermo hollywood and came home this morning to find it flooded and full of leaves and dirt which washed in under the door.

anyone have a cleaning lady i can pay to come clean for a few hours? i can't face it!
40 cm of water here... basement has 3 meters of water... looking for a water pump...
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