SaraSara said:
Juan B. Justo was built over the very large Arroyo Maldonado. Surrounding areas flood with heavy rains, and Luis Maria Campos becomes a stream.

To alleviate the flooding, a giant tunneling machine is building a huge drainage pipe that will go from Niceto Vega to the river - there was an article about it in Sunday's La Nacion.

I think one of the main problems is that all the street drains get blocked up with rubbish bags that people leave on the streets. That's why it took an hour or two for the water to actually go down. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure this could be fixed by simply keeping it cleaner and making a law against neighbours leaving rubbish bags all over the street.
I had about a meter of water outside my house last night that took two hours to go down. On the news they were showing how all the street drains were clogged up with rubbish not allowing the water to go down.


Here in Villa Urquiza, La Pampa & Triunvirato in Parque Chas streets were underwater up to the tops of the cars. I think they seriously need to do some re-engineering here on the sewer and drainage systems.



Juan B Justo y el arroyo antiguo,
y todo el cielo,
y mas alla la inundacion.

Norte, Starbucks y despues...


atwok said:
i live in a ground floor apartment in palermo hollywood and came home this morning to find it flooded and full of leaves and dirt which washed in under the door.

anyone have a cleaning lady i can pay to come clean for a few hours? i can't face it!
Check out the thread about a user being sued by their cleaner. People make some good recomendations.