found bank with big withdrawals


Aug 31, 2008
After much searching my partner and I found out that the main PianoBank branch allows for mass withdrawls in $US from your credit card (4% fee). This has proved very helpful for paying rent-deposits, instead of withdrawing 300 pesos a time and being charged for it.
So what does massive withdrawls mean? Are we talking $1000 US, $5000 US--can we get an order of magnitude?

Danke for the info!
To save you the trouble I figured that 4% of US$1000.00 is US$40.00. Seems like a fortune.
Sometimes I will go to the ATM (I always use the same one; if there' a problem, it can be traced back) and will only be able to get 300 pesos at a time. I can do this 5 times without a problem and my US bank doesn't charge a fee for withdrawals. The next time I go, I might be able to get 1500 pesos in one shot.
Nothing is consistant in BA
The concept of being charged to take MY money out of MY account infuriates me

I have a UK and a US atm card.

Nationwide = UK charges no per withdrawl fee and gives a fair FX rate
Chase Bank = US charges u$d3 per withdrawl fee and gives a lousy FX rate

With the UK card I can withdraw my daily UK limit of 250 GB pounds (1250 pesos) from the big fancy touchscreen Citibank atms but only 300 pesos from the less fancy Banelco atm in Citibank or anywhere else

With my US card I can only withdraw 600 pesos anywhere (guess I'm glad it's not only 300)

Lesson learnt: If you can open a credit union or building society account in your country of origin they generally give free atm withdrawls and better FX rates than the greed focused crooks in larger US and UK / euro banks
I wish I could get anything above 300 pesos. I would not even care what is costs since I can put that to my expense claim but withdrawing that 300 pesos at the time is so frustrating.
I have tried many different ATMs at microcentro and Palermo, same story all the time. Month ago I was able to get 600 pesos at the time but not anymore.
I'd recommend First Republic's ATM Rebate checking account. They're a small, boutique bank with branches in California and New York. The account does not charge any foreign currency conversion fees. I should also mention their daily withdrawl limit is $500 so you've got to plan a little in advance. Still, it's nice to not get robbed the way Chase/BofA/WellsFargo all do.

here's the info on the account:
i have been able to withdraw 2500 pesos from citibank. in the lobby there are two types of terminals - an older looking banelco terminal and a newer citibank exclusive terminal. in that atm i can get the large withdrawals using my foreign debit card
Charles Schwab High Yield Investor Checking accounts don't charge international fees either.