Freaky weather


Jan 12, 2009
another huge storm just started!

locals I've spoken to say they've never seen such weird weather in summer. 2-3 nice days and then a load of grot, rain, storms. I was here last summer and it wasn't like this.

I blame somalian pirates.
I blame Al Gore.

Seriously, it must be a direct result of the internal temperature of the earth being "millions" of degrees.

I certainly cry when I have a temperature of equal proportion.
it's pretty insane!

i'm glad its here because the humidity will come down but also scared because i'm by myself on the top floor and my windows are rattling and the last big one our electricity went out.

It's all very exciting though!
i was just counting seconds after the lightning flash and didn't even get to one!! :)
it looks like some one is taking loads of pictures out on my terrace!

The kind of roof we have it sounds like some giant is banging on it when it rattles!
If you ever lived in Southern California, you might be thinking that you can turn on the TV and see...


I used to love it when it would start to sprinkle and LA's TV station would cut into the regularly scheduled programming to report on "STORM WATCH 20__".
I am so happy I chose today to start pouring cement on my roof. -Should be the consistency of milkshake by now...