Fried Chicken?

Yesterday I was in Belgrano & I stopped to have a coffee at the cafe with the Chrysler building replica on it, I think it was called Manhattan cafe. It's on Cabildo. I was reading the rather extensive menu & found they have lots of breakfast options as well as chicken in a basket....

I didn't eat there, but maybe you might want to try the chicken in a basket there?
Yeah, maybe someone has a more recent experience..

I read the post months ago and quickly scanned it today, yes.

I tried Googling 'fried chicken Buenos Aires Argentina' also, but not having much luck in the few entries I tried..
short answer: you won´t find any, you will find chicken fingers at some places, chicken milanesas, but no fried chicken
Perhaps an opportunity for the ambitious (and adventurous) ?
La Casa del Chef, Emilio Mitre & Gregorio de Laferrere do a good fried chicken with coleslaw.
arty said:
Where can I get some fried chicken?

They were here after Columbus, (KFC) one of them, but then....

The brands "American way of life" are not infallible...
Domino's Pizza, Hut, KFC, Fuddruckers, Toning Center and ice tea are some of the products "made in USA" some of which in Argentina crashed into a cultural barrier....they come, they saw, they tried but didn't make it and they left....not enough customers with that taste...well, probably until now with the north of the border invasions there are more fans of it. :D

Translated link from La Nacion newspaper: The brands "American way of life" are not infallible
Oh and don't forget about Wendy's and Dunkin' Donuts, those didn't make it here either. I guess the square hamburgers weren't the right shape and the powdered donuts didn't have enough sugar and greasy dough to be acceptable here. So much for american / argentine fusion of cultures.
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