getting a CUIT?


Dec 13, 2005
hi, i just arrived about 2 months ago, and most of the places I have gone to for work are asking for a CUIT number. I am here on a tourist visa, but have been told that it still may be possible to get a CUIT with just a passport...does anybody know anything about this? thanks.
Looks like this person didn't get an answer 4 years ago, but I'll repeat for him. I've gotten by for the past two years without a CUIT number, but I have recently contracted some work, and I would be better off with than without. I feel bad asking people to borrow theirs or pay for a sheet. When I tried to get one 2 years ago I was turned down for legitimate reasons (on a tourist visa). Just as a side note, they were quite nice about it at the AFIP office.

However, I know people on a tourist visa who have gotten CUIT numbers and gone on to successfully print invoices. I talked once with someone who said it didn't matter which AFIP office you go to, but I had been under the impression that I had to go to the one that corresponds to my address. I was hearing that sometimes people got lucky (because AFIP employees weren't following the rules, I suppose) but most of the time they didn't.

Other than suggesting I get a work visa (which won't be happening in my case unless there's some possible process here I don't know about), any advice?
I'm also trying to get a CUIT. I should have a work visa in the next few weeks but I want to reopen this thread in hopes that someone has a response now. Thanks.

When you get your work visa, just go to branch of AFIP that serves your address. You can find the location here.

You will need to bring your passport and two proofs of your business address. They are pretty flexible and accept utility bills (with your name on it, of course). I assume many other official documents (lease contract, for example) will work as well.

It is just a number, they will give it to you right away.
Getting a CUIT with a work visa is easy. The OP wants to know the "trick" to getting a CUIT without the visa. Has anyone out there done it? If so, please post how you did it.