Getting desperate.


Jan 12, 2010
:confused: I have been here for two months with my Argentine prometida and she is growing more and more frustrated with the immigration processes. I am a self employed Dental Tech and I need to get legalized and find work quick or my relationship will be on the rocks(close now) and I will deplete my cash reserves. I came here in love and sold everything to be with her. No regrets there. I need ideas from those of you who have learned how to work and get around the system. Also contacts for immigration. Thanks for the help and consideration. My Brain is on overload. Did you not move here with enough funds to support yourself for a lengthy time period? And your relationship is based on you working?:eek: Wow.. okay.

Since you say you are self-employed, are you wanting to be a monotributo? Are you papers already in process? (birth certificates apostilled, criminal records, etc)?

I have no idea what the market is for dental techs here but I would think you would need to work with an established practice. Have you already talked to dentists? I'm assuming you are fluent in Spanish?
Get married. Fastest way to be "legal", but it's not going to get you a job
Enrol at a course at UBA. Its free, gives you residency and you can legally work as a student.

Or get an accountant to swear that you have a fixed foreign income of at least 1000 USD.

You'll need your criminal record and birth certificate, stamped by the apostille to obtain any sort of visa, hopefully you've got that sorted already.

Probably best either way you speak to an immigration lawyer. Good luck
Syngirl is right. Due to your job, your best bet is to get married, enrolling in college will require you to spend time studying and assisting leaving you with little time to work. A dentist will definitely want you to be legal and of course proof your completed studies.
All you need to do to be legal (and work) is get married. If your "prometida" won't marry you now, what is she waiting see how much money you can make before she does?

Getting "around the system" is not likely, even if you had the money to pay a "lawyer" (which you apparently don't and could get a letter from "an accountant" and have the signature notarized (thereby making it eligible for the seal of the Apostille), would you really want to submit "false"documents to migraciones? They might ask for your (original) supporting bank statements as well...

When you say you are a "self employed" dental tech who needs to find "work" do you mean as an independent contractor? I am not sure, but I seriously doubt anyone would simply let you work independently in a clinic here. I also imagine there are plenty of nationals who are qualified dental techs, so getting a work visa as one is also unlikely.

Even if you were married to an Argentine and could legally work, have you researched what you would have to do for your "credentials" as a dental tech to be accepted here?

Having been in one sided relationships several times in my life, especially when the woman I was dating resented making more than I was at the time (doctors are like that), I suggest you consider how strongly you love is being returned. One thing I know for sure: women test men, and it sounds like this may be your final exam as far as your prometida is concerned.
Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate each of your perspectives. Indeed this is a test. I have owned my own dental lab and worked in a dental office setting twice in my career, and 20 years in my own facility as owner and operator, and I worked for a few years in a dental school in a major university. I am highly qualified but life is so different here. Guess I gonna have to hire an attorney for assisstance. Illegal and false docs is outta the question for me. Thanks again. If you hear of a dentist or lab in need then pls send them my way.
Reefscratcher said:
Guess I gonna have to hire an attorney for assisstance.

An attorney isn't going to give you a job...just take your money ..or, hopefully, tell you they can't help you and not take your money.

If you can't find a clinic to hire you (with foreign credentials) and sponsor you for a work visa you are not going to legally get a job here.

Do you have any idea how many dental tech grads there are here (every year) and how little money they work for?

I suggest you see what it takes for you to be accepted for employment in your profession here..

And then get married...if your prometida is willing...and you still want to.
I understand the difficulties, the desire to be independent and have a good supply of money. I'm a registered nurse and am trying to certify my qualifications so I can work as a nurse here aswell. I also came here for love as my man is Argentinian but he is very supportive and understanding, your other half should be the same if you are so important to her. I don't think rushing into getting married is necessarily the best idea, this could cause more complications later. Have you tried contacting dental labs?The education department could also help you, I went there and they gave me some valuable information. If a business sponsors you and will offer you a position this is a good way to gain a visa. Otherwise you could change your career temporarily during the process.

Good luck and hang in there and tell your woman to be patient it all takes time. The last 6 months for me have been super testing also, just keep trying.