Getting desperate.


Auschic said:
I understand the difficulties, the desire to be independent and have a good supply of money. I'm a registered nurse and am trying to certify my qualifications so I can work as a nurse here aswell. I also came here for love as my man is Argentinian but he is very supportive and understanding, your other half should be the same if you are so important to her. I don't think rushing into getting married is necessarily the best idea, this could cause more complications later. Have you tried contacting dental labs?The education department could also help you, I went there and they gave me some valuable information. If a business sponsors you and will offer you a position this is a good way to gain a visa. Otherwise you could change your career temporarily during the process.

Good luck and hang in there and tell your woman to be patient it all takes time. The last 6 months for me have been super testing also, just keep trying.
That is really a nice post, but it is SO different when it's the man supporting the woman, rather than the opposite...

The OP's girlfriend is running out of patience as he is running out of money.

If the OP was much younger, a career change might be possible, but given the information he provided, he has to be in his 40's.

Good luck finding entry level work in Argentina past the age of 30.

That's the serious reality of life here.

I am a foreign male and I know from experience what happens when you tell an Argentine woman to be patient (when applying for residency for which I was qualified...).

Thank god I didn't marry her.

(Even though I was so in love at the time...)


All of the comments are so wonderful. Keep it coming. This is THINK TANK quality stuff here. If I can get a permit to work DNI and a CUIT or CUIL then I can get the work. And although there are many quality techs here, few have my skills and knowledge. I will be drawing from US markets as well here. And not rushing into marriage..i equally agree that this is a must to not rush...All this has been overwhelming. Guess I have been very naive.


Reefscratcher said:
And although there are many quality techs here, few have my skills and knowledge. I will be drawing from US markets as well here.
This could be the key factor. If you can find a dental clinic that specializes in tourist dentistry and they need YOU to communicate with their patients in a way no national can, you indeed may find a doorway to a job and a work visa. I don't want to create false hope, but I do think it's worth a shot.

Now its all about marketing...yourself.

And your girlfriend may/should be able to help you.


Steveinbsas what you just posted is absolutely brilliant if not pure sweet genius. I had not thought of that angle with the dentist.Wow, simply brilliant, thanks. And I do have skills and abilities talking with patients of Dentists. BTW I am 54. That is the new 30, right lol.


Hi, I agree with SteveinBsAs' suggestion and I may add looking into one of the private hospitals here that works with some English-speaking patients - Hospital Britanico. Maybe someone there, at the dental office, has some further ideas??