getting my sea legs


Sep 10, 2005
Thanks, Paul, for your last reply to my first question. My Husb and I will just be soaking up all there is to do in Buenos Aires for six months.
I was told that Recoleta is the BEST area to live in but I don't want to spend more than $350 for a furnished apt. Is Palermo a best second? Are parts of the Retiro okay? Is downtown really THAT noisy if we find a place off a side street? If we live in Palermo, is it a 10 min ride on a bus or 2 min on the metro?
Lastly, will a rental agent drive us around so we can get a sense of the different neighborhoods or should we hire a taxi?
We leave Nov 12th! Can't wait! I am too excited.
When you say spend $350 on an apt do you mean $350 per week or per month? I would say that unless you know an Argentine who is going to sign on as your guarantor, I think getting that price for a short term sublet is pretty unlikely. There is always a chance, but that price is more realistic if you wanted to sign onto a long term lease (1-2yrs).

$400 would open up a few more options, but most likely it will be a place without air conditioning. If you are willing to spend $500 you will have no problems.

Have a look through the classifieds section of the website. I had hoped to find something through there but in the end I took a place advertised on a tourist site, it has everything I need. I pay $500US a month, and live in Palermo, the price is pretty standard for a place with cable, internet, air conditioning, and all my utilities included

As far as noise is concerned, it's all noisy, lol! It quickly starts to become ambient, and at night is does quieten down in my neighbourhood between 1-7. I use earplugs if it's really bothering me.

Retiro is going to be a lot noisier -- if you're concerned about noise I'd head further out, not further in. Recoleta is more expensive then Palermo -- have you thought about Belgrano?

Palermo for me is nice and central. I'm on Billinghurst, a 5-10min walk to Alto Palermo, a 20min to Palermo Soho/Hollywood, and about a 30min walk to Callao & Sta Fe (I think, I don't wear a watch here so these really are estimates! lol).

I don't ride the bus, I prefer to walk whenever possible, and take the subte or a cab at night.

If you have other questions about Palermo you should get in touch with Sonia on this site, just do a search for her name. She lives over on Las Heras and has been here for about a year living in Palermo and Belgrano I believe.

Oh, rental agents tend to just meet you at the door to the place. For a door to door like that you may be able to get help from the woman at -- although the places she has listed are all quite expensive, or try reynoldspropiedades, they may be able to help.