Girl's meetup Sunday 21


Aug 11, 2007
Hola Chicas,
are you meeting on Sunday? let's meet! I look forward to meeting you all. Maybe it's a good time to do Chinatown again and shop around. Or suggest a destination.
Hola Galalita and all chicas ! How are you?
It is a great idea to go around China town or I say China streets, but for me it is difficult to get there on Sunday afternoon - very crowded and I have to take care my children -
but I strogly recommend all to go there in the weekend it is more fun and there are more fresh food like Chinese breads, fish, and pork, vegetables
- which I would like to go to check the prices now---
and I love to have hot Chinese Chorizo on the street and some red bean pancake in act.
Sorry for not attending but, if some of you want to go to have lunch or after lunch time in the week before 4 oclock, I wiil be very glad to guide you there!
For your information,
Please check this site and click over ARGENTINA on the map, and some notes of mine will appear although you do not understand Japanese please click over the letters of "2007.5.15 update", the China Town article will appear with some pictures.
Hey Grazie,
Yeah, we should meet! Any other girl, where are you jicasochica? What about an early dinner in Chinatown? or late lunch, like around 2.00? it's gonna be hot and crownded! Maybe we can meet around 7, do some walking and have dinner.