What happened to Girl's Sunday meetup?


Aug 11, 2007
Where are the girls? I haven't seen you around, chicas.

Are we meeting this Sunday? Where? I look forward to seeing you all.
You replaced this week´s for the Sunday brunch at SAExplorers, I think....
2) Brunch at: Champagne Brunch at SAE!
There will be a Sunday brunch on Sept. 9th (SUN!) at 11:30 am at the South American Explorer´s Club in San Telmo. The address is: Estados Unidos 577 y Peru if you are interested in attending reserve early ( as space is limited) by calling Lucy at 4307-9625.
There will be champagne and cupcakes and other delicacies by Dulce de Wendy. We hope to see you there!
Hi girls! I've had some family events to go to over the last couple of weekends and this weekend I have a lot of work to do, so I'm not sure I'll be able to make it for brunch. But if anyone wants to hang out on a Thursday or Friday (early evening), I'm up for it. Next weekend doesn't look very promising either for the Sunday gathering, but hopefully the one after I'll be able to see you gals.
Hope you're all doing great!
Sorry ladies...I have been lost in my own world. Ok, I am going to try my best to make it to the champagne brunch tomorrow.
besos a todos....
Hola Girls, thanks for the reply. I hate to say this but i am not sure of the brunch tomorrow! I have a birthday party tonight and I will get in bed very late!. Is it too late to go back to our plan in Notorious at 3.00? Let me know. I look forward to see you all anc catch up.
Hi Girls
I really wanted to meet up today but have put my back out and can't move! Hopefully it wont last more than today and I can catch up with youguys next weekend.
Ok Galalita and any others.....I am free at 3ish to meet! Where at again????
See you there....