Going to need an apt.


Dec 28, 2006
Hola todos.
I will be arriving in BA on Oct 3rd. and will be staying 4 to 6 months and I will need an apartment. I thought I had better start looking now as the high season begin in Oct. I have made inquires with some angencies and the apartment they have advertised is not available but they just so happen to have an apartment at a much higher price and want deposit + 2 months rent up front, sight unseen. I've read some horror stories on this site about unscrupulous agencies. I would appreciate any suggestions from you veterans on the how to go about finding an apartment.
Saludos, Don Q
Hi, I dont what which agency you are dealing with. However, I know livinginbaires and 4rentargentina are pretty good. I also have an apartment for rent please send me a note and let me know your price, location, etc. I have not heard of an agency asking for 2 months rent up front, that might be coming from the landlord, you can always ask them.
Good luck!
Hi Dan - I sent you a note about your apt. Hotmama, would love to know more about your apt too.