Good ATM?


Mar 21, 2008
Hi everyone. I just got here a couple days ago and am quickly discovering the weird problem with ATMs limiting my withdrawals to like 300 pesos...such a weird thing. Nowhere else have I seen a restriction like this. I mean, don't they want me to spend money while I'm here? Anyway I have heard that some ATMs still despense up to 1000 pesos at a time. Does anyone know where they are? I'm staying in Barracas, so anyplace south of Congresso / Obelisk would be great to know about. My bank let's me get out 500 us dollars per day so it's not my bank's fault...and they charge me 1% on all transactions which is not too bad considering that some banks charge a flat rate of 5 us dollars per transaction. Anyone know of good ATMs? Any help much appreciated!
It might be your it Visa?? I have heard that's where the issues are, with the card. I have a Mastercard and have no limits like that...I have taken out 700 pesos at one time,with no issues. We have 2 cards and have done 700 each at the same time and again no issues.
i take out 1000 pesos at time at citibank. they are all around the city.
The problem is with visa Argentina I have tried every route, in the end the only solution is to get an account that you can draw out of internationally, like HSBC premier. I had the same problems with master card as well, so unless specific banks, that I don´t know of get arround this, I doubt that will help you.
You can of course go around every bank trying, but my advice; save your legs, it will not happen.
We've been discussing this over at the BANEWCOMERS list the last few days. Apparently, on April 3rd the same $300 peso limit that has affected Visa cardholders was applied to Mastercard cardholders as well!
The visa limit went into effect early last year. It appears to be affecting almost all Mastercard holders, including myself. The ONLY people who seem to be able to withdraw more than $320 pesos at a time are Citibank cardholders, and presumably when they withdraw from a Citibank ATM. For everyone else - Visa or Mastercard - we can only withdraw $320 pesos at a time. For instance, I can withdraw $320, $320, $320, $320, $320, and then I hit my bank's daily limit of US$500, and I can't withdraw anymore. It stinks because I have to pay more fees, and I have to spend a lot more time in front of the ATM, with people watching me take money out over and over. Here's the thread:
Ok, I'll try Citibank even though that sucks the Mastercard has also been hit now too...which is what I have.Another possible solution: write myself a check and cash it at the Bank of Argentina. But does anyone know the fee for this?What a wierd money situation in such a large world city!
If you have visa or mastercard you can go to the desk in the superville bank on salguero and charcas and they will let you have you card limit in cash.
Very handy for paying rent ect as $300 pesos per atm trip has heavy bank charges
If there is any way to make something difficult, time consuming, expensive and a cheat, it will be applied in Argentina.