Having two passports a help wit entering and reentering Argentina



When your daughter returns, do they ask for her Australian passport? Does Australia have controls when individuals leave the country?

Does anyone know why the U.S. does not have immigration controls when leaving the U.S.?


Bradlyhale, are you also referring to child trafficking controls?

When she leaves Australia they ask for her Australian passport. When she arrives in Buenos Aires, they ask for her Argentine documents.... DNI and Passport.

Australia has passport controls when leaving the country. They also have facial recognition software and scan you at the airport as well as your passport photo. Border protection in Australia changed after 9/11 and we fell in line with USA requirements as part of our free trade agreement.

Sorry, I can't answer your question on US immigration controls.


So migraciones doesn't ask her where she was? Obviously, if she exits on her Argentine passport and arrives to Australia on her Australian passport, then her Argentine passport will not have record of her travel destination. They probably don't care.

In the U.S., it seems they care sometimes, and other times they do not. I have a Norwegian friend who visited Iran a few years ago. He received a warm welcome when he came to the U.S. after his trip there... :eek:

I only wondered about controls out of curiosity. Thanks! :)


Passport numbers are all linked together nowadays in the system in the name of fighting terrorism - including dual passport holders. And governments around the world are sharing this and vast amounts of others information about each of us. If you think getting a new passport number will erase all your previous entry/departures you will probably be in for a rude surprise unfortunately.


I checked my U.S. passports all the way back to 1970, and every one has a different number.

As for the reciprocity fee, remember it is only being charged at EZE for now, so anyone taking Buquebus from Colonia or flying from Montevido to AEP will NOT be assessed the fee.