Health Ins for the part time person in Argentina

My wife and I plan on being in country 4 to 6 months a year but not take Argentinean residency. Can major medical coverage be purchased in the country without buying it for a full year. In other words can we purchase coverage in country for when we are there and we will figure out what to do in the US when we are there? Any health ins geniuses out there? Mucho Gracias for any help.


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Dear PK,
My name is Aurora Couretot and I represent Swiss Medical, the leading health insurance provider in Argentina with options for worldwide coverage.
I am sending a brief presentation of our Health Coverage.

Swiss Medical Health Coverage

All Swiss Medical Plans provide full Emergency and hospitalization coverage.
Major Clinics and Hospitals are associated with Swiss Medical .

All Swiss Medical Plans include the following benefits:

- Free consultation at doctor's office
- Free medical tests
- 40% discount for medications
- Free hospitalization for surgical or clinical purposes
- No time limits in Intensive Care Unit
- Dental coverage
- Psychiatric and Psychological assistance at doctor's office.
- Psychiatric emergencies with 30 days hospitalization for acute cases.
- International Medical Insurance for medical and dental emergencies plus legal assistance when travelling to any country in the world.

We can arrange a private meeting at my office in Barrio Norte. cel: 156180 1556
Or I can visit you at your place.
Best regards,

Aurora Couretot
Official Representative
Swiss Medical
Aurora - Can you give me an idea of what that coverage would cost? i will be moving in a few weeks & would like to arrange coverage for when I arrive.
You can send me a note. Thanks so much!