Healthy Restaurant Recommendations??


May 18, 2009
I think we can all agree that the steak, milanesas and empanadas here are amazing but I’m missing my old healthy lifestyle. Does anyone have good recommendations for healthier restaurants and delivery places? I’m particularly looking for good delivery places in San Telmo and Palermo. Thanks guys!
I know of a few healthy places that deliver. One is called Natural Deli and they have two locations; one in Las Canitas on gorostiaga 1776, and the other in Barrio Norte on laprida 1672. The store front itself has nice sit down tables as well as a shopping area filled with organic goodies. They have great Lemonade with ginger in it.

The other place that I know of that is mildly healthy is Pura Vida. They also have two locations. One is downtown on Reconquista near Florida street, and the other is in Recoletta on Uriburu near French street. They have wheatgrass, smoothies and sandwiches.
organic doesnt really mean healthy. healthy is a combination of factors. non organic produce and foods can be as healthy, more healthy or less healthy depending on what any food is, has been treated with, etc.
Diego7david; you are right, but I think the fact that they have organic products speaks volumes about the type of food they are willing to sell. A square is still a rectangle by definition.
I've been to Natural Deli and whoever does their menu is a genius. Really, really good sandwiches and I normally shy away from most organic food because it can leave that cardboard taste in your mouth. So, I highly recommend a visit. Their soups are good too!! Chris