Hello Y Buenos con gusto!


Mar 17, 2009
Hi all.

I will be moving to Buenos Aires in late August (09). I am looking to settle PERMANENTLY in Buenos Aires, but am not yet ready to buy a place.

I am looking for an apartment between $350-$450/mo that is two bedrooms. (is this even possible) in the Captial Federal district (preferably in Reclota, central, Barrio Norte, San Telmo) I am not really interested in Palermo, but not too picky!

I have been living internationally for 4 years, and have previously visited Buenos Aires. I am bi-lingual, hold degree in English, and another degree in Secondary Education....am coming out with no job but have a decent amount of savings.
I spent 2 years in Colombia, but am more suited for life in Buenos Aires. Any help anyone can offer on employement and housing would be much appreciated. I am also a certified teacher and hope to eventually get a job at the International School in BA For the mean time I can do anything for editing, copy writing, English lessons, to Beginning Spanish lessons. I also have done some travel writing.

Kindest Regards!
$350-$450 and two bedrooms is probably not possible. I know of a few places that are $500-$550 with balconies etc in Barrio Norte. but I'd say you might have to up your price range. The other thing you have on you're side is that you are going to stay for a while. Use that when you are talking with the owners and they will lower their price. My place went down from $550 to $450 and I only rented it for 3 months, but its only a studio in Barrio Norte.

Best of luck!!