Help with Plumbing Fixture


Feb 22, 2009
Hi ,
General shout out to all the members in the hope someone can deliver me from my plight.
I am restoring a bathroom and need to make it right.
I am seeking a manufacturer of under the sink traps. Yo know , the ubiquitous S o double U that traps hair and engagement rings with a screw out plug to drain its noxious content....

Another issue is PVC pipe. It seems that no matter what the diameter of PVC pipe sold here , its walls are not proportional to its ouside diameter. All the pipe i have seen have walls no thicker than one or two mm.

Is it possible that in the entire republick of argentina that these products do not exist ?
Help , please !
Conversely , if there is anyone making a trip to the states in the near future , can I order half a dozen traps from you ?they cost like 3.99 at any Home Depot.
Are there any American or argentine companies locally that sell products that are BETTER than the mediocrity available to the general public ? PLEASE ADVISE !!!
Thanks , Fabe
Not sure where you are shopping-
But when I redid my place, I used griferia from FV-

It is certainly better than $3.99 crap from Home Depot.
The really cheap stuff at Home Depot in the USA is either plastic or chrome plated steel, from China. Not Good. The good stuff in the USA, like Kohler, which costs a LOT more than $3.99, is chrome plated brass- which is what the better FV stuff is made from. Higher quality, longer life.

Generally in argentina they dont use a P trap- they use a Descarga con sifon instead- functionally, it does the same thing. A P trap is just a place in the pipe where water sits, keeping sewer gasses from coming up your drain. The sifon in a Descarga does the same thing- it holds water and keeps gasses out. It looks a little different, but works the same.
Real metal, chrome plated, well made. Of course, not ten pesos, either.

look on this list for addresses of real plumbing supply places-

or, the two big full line, high end places to buy griferia are Blaisten, which is all over- big one on Juan B Justo, and Barugel Azuley on Libertador in Belgrano.

Just like anywhere else, you get what you pay for.
Quality is available here, you can even buy $2000 US Phillipe Starke designed bathtubs, if you want em.