Hey Everyone


Feb 20, 2007
Hey everyone. I will arrive in BA this Wednesday (moving for work from NYC and will be there for about a year or so). I'm 26yrs old and don't really know anyone down there so i'd love to grab a few beers / watch a game at a bar if anyone's interested.... if so, please send me an email at [email protected] . Thx, Bryan (and thx to all those that sent me apt rental advice a few months back!).
Always up for a beer, more now than ever everyone I know here is working and I'm sitting here all day watching bad US TV. This site always has large meet-ups (which I still haven't been to) but I'm sure there'll be one coming along sometime soon.
Nice. well, i don't start work for a few weeks so shoot me an email if you want to grab a couple drinks whenever...
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