Hey There Everyone


Sep 3, 2015
Hi all, my wife and I are here for awhile, and just thought i'd introduce myself. We're currently living in san telmo (it's been quite loud with the protests this afternoon), and pretty much decided to leave the states for a few months, head here, and see what happens!

I pretty much do sound design and music composition, and my wife works in the music industry. We've been here a little longer than a month, and love this place! looking fwd to 'internet-meeting' everyone :p

so.... anyone know where to find e-liquid for an electronic cigarette here? haha, not about to start smoking again—and honestly, until coming here, i've never heard of a country prohibiting them! Hate cigarettes now, but fully willing to take a boat to Montevideo for e-liquid!

Welcome and congratulations for your spirit of adventure! I think you could try to substitute cigarettes or e-cigarettes, with mate it is much cheaper and it will make you look like a local!

serafina, I LOVE maté! but i kinda killed my maté gourd... so i need to buy another! Thorsten — THANK YOU!
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