Hey everyone!


Jan 25, 2010
I'm looking to move to BsAs in August for at least six months and have a few questions that I'm hoping some of you can answer. First of all is that I'm thinking of going to a school by the name of expanish to get a certificate to teach in case I want to work throughout my travels in Latin America. Is this school reputable? Should I stay in A hostel first, then find an apartment? Does anyone know about working/living in Santiago, Chile? I heard it was better there economically.
If any of you work as teachers I would greatly appreciate your advice. My plans are to enjoy as much as my budget will allow me to. I'm planning on a budget somewhere between $10-$15k. I'm not teaching for the money but to help out a little while I travel, make some friends and learn about the life and culture. I'm seriously thinking of leaving the US and I have lived in Venezuela before where I have family but I would like to go to BsAs to see how I like it. :)
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