Hey Everyone!


Jan 10, 2010

I just recently moved back to Buenos Aires (lived here 2007-2008) and would love to meet some other expats around my age (I'm 24). I grew up in Portland, Oregon. I'm pretty outgoing and enjoy doing cultural activities, bars, boliches, etc. Basically I have a big range of interests that includes sports, cooking, yoga, architecture, etc. so I'm up to trying just about anything. I'd love to make some good new friend that I can call up to do something spontaneously with.

If anyone is interested in getting together send me a message! Hope to hear from some of you soon!
Hey...I am 25, British and have been living in BA now for around one year..anything spontaneous I love so just let me know if you fancy doing something.. : )
I´m 23 and I´ve been living here for a year. Always up for meeting new people... yoga and architecture are interests of mine. Message me and we could arrange something.
Me too to all y'all. 24 from LA, been here since January. Meet-and-greet dinner or drinks?
Me too! I'm 24 and from Wisconsin. I've been here for about 2 years. I'd love to meet some new people.
Same here! Originally from WI, 24, just moved here last week! Let's all meet up sometime : )
Hey, count me in if you guys would meet up on weekends. I'm 23, just moved here 3 weeks ago from Singapore.
Why don't we all just meet for drinks this week? How about Friday at 7pm? We could put the venue to a vote.
Hi All,

I just moved to Bs.As last week and am also looking to meet some new people with similar interests. I'm 26, originally from Chicago but lived in Wisconsin and California most recently. Hope we can all meet up soon!
I'm moving to BA on Thursday and would love to take a break from all this apartment/job searching to meet you all.
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