Hola Everyone!


Jul 17, 2008
Hey, i moved here about 6-7 months ago, im from california. i met many friends, mostly gringos like me who didnt speak much spanish. Now i can speak a little better, but unfortunately all my friends were travellers and are now gone. I work from my computer at home and never realized how hard it is to make friends unless you are in school or working (with people).

Just wanted to say 'wassup' and see who i can meet here.
If you want to go for a beer some day, leave me a note
Same here, just arrived in BA, would like to hang out sometime! Nicole
Hola, I will be in Buenos Aires on Thursday. I live in Chicago, and I speak Spanish, so you could practice with me. Email, perhaps we all could get together to met. [email protected]
I lived in LA for nearly 8 years. So I can speak Californian.
Also, I just realized that I don't work Fridays. (It's better that way.) So that means I have a 4 day weekend followed by a 3 day work week followed by a 3 day weekend. That sounds about right for this country.
If I don't go see a movie for the matinee price on Friday, then I'm not out of my pajamas until ~5:00pm (or later). So if someone wants to do lunch at ~2:00pm+ on Fridays, I'm up for it. (Watch out, I might bitch about something, but I'm usually good for a few laughs as well.)
I'm based near the Facultad de Medicina, but I've got a couple of Guia T's & I'm willing to travel.
PS- I don't look like Napoleon.
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