How do you pay for your US credit card?


Sep 26, 2007
For me its a hassle. I have to send a money gram to my mom, so that she can then deposte it in her bank account, so that then I can submit the paypament online. using her bank account. The hassle comes in that sometimes I get paid very close to my credit card payment due date and my mom lives paycheck by paycheck and doent always have $100 USD in her account to cover my credit card payment.

Any more efficient ideas to guys do?
I use an automatic payment date and my bank sends out the amount I choose on the date I choose to make sure it is received prior to the due date.

Can't you set up a checking account or money market account with your bank, deposit a few hundred into it, to keep a few payments ahead and do the same?

Your system now is not working and seems more of a hassle for you and your Mom!
Pay our credit cards on line. Easy to set up on the card's webpage. Just before the bill is due, I click the pay bill icon and follow a couple of direct, simple steps. The payment is then deducted from one of my bank accounts. Of course, you need a bank account. But after that, there is really nothing to it. Just follow the directions on your card's web page.
It looks like Maikito has to send money from Argentina to her bank account in the US in order to make the online credit card payments. Does anyone know if it's possible to make payments to a US credit card on line from an Argentine bank account?
ahem... Maikito is a guy. ;) ... 2nd post I read today refering to him as a her :D... I sometimes wish we had photo avatars with our posts here like other vBulletin sites have. :rolleyes: anyways...

Maikito, It's not easy without a bank account of your own. If you don't have one, you might want to try setting up one online (e*trade savings maybe? -- they accept deposits by postal mail) and then do bill payments from it, or sign up your card for automatic debit or online payment via your card issuer's website.
Thanks guys, I which there was like a direct transfer from a bank system to my credit card. Like cash advances but for payments. I guess ill still do it the way I have. Can't Capital One accecpt pago facil o rapipago? LOL
If you have a bank account(or could open one) in Argentina you could send your mother an ATM card for the account. When the bill is due she could simply withdraw the money from your Argentine bank account at a U.S. ATM and make your payment.

This would work but I don't know what the charges would be. Probably easier and less hassle than sending money orders(which cost money to).
Hey guys

I have stopped using credit cards here for just those reasons. I use a Visa debit card which works for everything a credit card did, and gets deducted automatically.

Check how much your bank charges for cash withdrawals before you rack up too many. Some banks aren't to bad (I pay a flat 2% with no transaction fee) but others can hurt ya pretty bad!