How long before Cristina kicks Alberto aside?


I really don't think she needs to. If she has much control as people say/suspect, she can pull the strings behind the scenes without taking the brunt of the blame if it all goes wrong and people turn against the government. It's win-win for her as far as I see it. All the power wthl none of the responsibility or consequences.


My thinking is, in six months she'll shove him off Rivadavia's Presidential Chair and crowns herself Empress.

Now taking bets.

I have heard runours that they are grooming Axel Kiciloff to be the vice president soon and then President . This will not be good for most of us as he is the deep left think Venezuela . The rumours say that Christina will step down in the new year giving this role to him .


I have heard rumors that soon after that Axel Kiciloff will also step down and and then Diego Maradona will become our beloved President .