How much do you pay for health insurance


Apr 19, 2007
Thats per person per month.
And would you consider the care and coverage as good as the plan you had in your home country?
How were pre existing issues covered?
I pay 600 pesos a month for a very complete plan. This is low compared to what I would pay in the US however it is high in terms of local earning power. My Argentine plan is less comprehensive than my US plan (Blue Cross/Shield) however it includes the best private hospitals in the country. I have been very happy with the quality of medical care I have received in Argentina. In general doctors here give patients much more time than doctors in the US. Doctors also make house calls here.
The amount you pay depends on the plan and your age. It's a fraction of what the same coverage would cost in the U.S. I agree with the prior post that you can get good as (or better) treatment than in the U.S.
Hi Chris, would you be able to include the name, telephone # and website of the company that provides the medical plan.
I would like to speak to an English speaking representative for specifics.
Thanks GFL
I plan to visit BA in October and stay at least 6 month. If I like it BA I may make it permanent. I am over 65 and have medicare in the US. I will use medicare for any catastrophic ailment and return to the US. What is the usual charge for doctor office visits?
I recently asked a couple of doctors who were not included in my plan. Their fees were around $200 pesos. I am sure there are cheaper doctors however they are probably not associated with important private hospitals and thus may not be as experienced or as qualified.