How much is the ferry


Feb 3, 2023
I used to have a website bookmarked with the ferry prices, but I've lost it, and I can't find the post where I got it either. Does anyone have ferry prices? I remember the specific website I had wasn't as expensive as just googling it on my own, so that's what I'm looking for.

Also, am I going to have problems getting back into the country? I'm currently overstaying my visa, but I really wanted to visit Montevideo.
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I think this is the only alternative to the buquebus ferry. It’s called ColoniaExpress.
It leaves from the Darsena Sur of Puerto Madero. It’s just below the Paque Lezama park in San Telmo neighborhood.
Its never been cheap. Poor people dont take the ferry, they take the bus. Every time I go on Buquebus, the cars are all giant SUVs and Mercedes.
The ferries are for the wealthy, and they can still pay, to go to their houses in Punta.
The rent for a week in high season in Jose Ignacio is still $10,000 US for a house.