Hypnotist for quit smoking


Jun 23, 2009
Hi there,
Can anyone recommend an english speaking hypnotist or hypnotherapist that offers quit smoking advice here in buenos aires?
any help would be MOST appreciated.
Dr Sarkis is a very serious Greek-Argentine professional that uses a laser on your nose to make you quit smoking. I don´t think he needs to be fluent in English to do that, but he might be anyway.
He´s got over 20 years experience.

My mother smoked 4 packs a day, and was coughing up all her lungs! I thought she was at the end of the road, when she finally went to Sarkis. No one would have bet a penny that she could ever quit, but after only one visit SHE NEVER SMOKED AGAIN.!

She continued to cough heavily for over six months but then recovered her health and gained a little weight which made her look better. She lived 12 years after that, of which I bet 11 were a bonus for having quit that vice.

Sarkis gives a guarranty that if you don´t stop after the first session, he does it again at no charge. He´s in the Belgrano area.
This is fascinating. Can you tell us how to get in touch with Dr Sarkis?