I Got my Flu shot last week... First time ever.

Even though winter has not arrive yet I had my flu shot last week at the local pharmacy near me. First time ever. It cost me $330 pesos.
About U$D14.00. I wanted to get it free at the big Hospital de Clinicas but they were always out of it. They gave me a phone number to call
to see if it was available. 5950-8744. The hours for the injection are 7am to 11am on the third floor. I lived in NYC almost my whole life and
I never had it done. I felt great after getting it here and still do. Maybe placebo effect?...So far no side effects of any kind. I asked the nurse who gave the injection if I should look out for anything. He said ..."No tomar frio" so I asked ..."Tomar vino???"... He gave me the thumbs up and said "No problem..."
I had the flu shot in the US in November last year. Does anyone know if that would be the same one as I would get here now? Or is it a newer version here now that it's 2018?
I get one every year. No guarantees re effectiveness, since they guess based on chickens in China (not kidding) early in the year on the strain that will cross oceans later. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes not, but in any event there’s no downside, despite what some privileged A-listers would have you believe.
gotta say, i worked in hospitals for 15 years renovating them. never took the flu shot. they are guessing what strain to defend against. best advise is to purchase tamaflu and use it in the first 24 hours of feeling weak. only went down once with a hospital born virus. don’t touch you face and wash your hands after being in the public. straight water is very effective. better than alcohol gels.
I have asthma and flu used to devastate me. Then for 30 years I've been taking flu jabs and never caught it, apart from the year that I forgot, and had flu twice. I won't forget again.