Immigration For Dummies

That is, having arrived once as a tourist and having left after 2 months, you can return in 2-3 years and apply for citizenship?
But now they have passed a new law, according to which it is necessary to live 2 years with DNI. The time of residence on a Precaria for citizenship is now not counted, and residence on the Transitory is also not counted.
The DNU 70/2017 was declared unconstitutional.
Hi everyone,

I've read through the entire thread just for the sake of confirming I'm not repeating a situation/questions that have already been asked --
I am in Buenos Aires for a master's program and recently received my precaria; I also received the receipt for the DNI which I am going to go pay at a Banco Provincia first thing this week. Is there anything else I need to do for the DNI other than this?

-Does anyone have an idea on timeframe for the DNI and the real residency? I've heard it takes between 1-3 months but wanted to see if anyone had a recent experience. I'm worried I might not be living at the same address as I have listed -- does anyone know what I should do in that case?
-- Lastly, from here with my precaria I'm able to go to ANSES and get a CUIL in order to start looking for jobs, correct?

Thank you all so very much for the wealth of information!
Hello everyone , how are you ? I hope all be good !
my name is Ahmad , I am Syrian ,and I have been in Buenos Aires since 20 days
and I need some help with instructions and information
I appreciate so much if you can contact with me
Thank you..