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Scams and other unrelated topics appropriately belong to separate threads.
I`m sure you would agree.
In my opinion the fact that you (the OP of this topic/thread} updated information just yesterday that indicates Paraguayan citizenship can be acquired for $5200 and calls it [background=transparent]an "[/background]EXEPTIONALLY UNMATCHED GRAND BARGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!" makes it quite appropriate to this thread.

Perhaps even the mention of the cost of citizenship in other countries is unrelated to the immigration (and citizenship) requirements in Argentina. Why would you include the list if you didn't want anyone to comment about it?

The $5200 "cost" for residency which appears at the top of the list is not required for the purchase of property, As Indicated in my previous post, it is the amount required to be deposited in a Paraguayan bank while the residency application is being reviewed.

Thanks to you, anyone reading this thread will become well educated about those requirements, but with the new decree the big question now is (also in my opinion) is: once permanent residency or citizenship is (legally) acquired (without providing any false information or paying any bribes), what are the chances of losing it because the government wants to purge the country of foreigners?

The list as of yesterday:

Citizenship Price List

[background=transparent]1. Satisfying ONE (1) of the 3 options (Buy Property [/background][background=transparent]OR [/background][background=transparent]Invest in Business [/background][background=transparent]OR [/background][background=transparent]Donation) gets you immediate [/background][background=transparent]Residency. [/background]
[background=transparent]2. Residency in any single EU country = a permit to live and work in ALL EU countries.[/background]
[background=transparent]3. Unspecified value in the (Invest in Business) implies that it is the same value as (Buy Property)[/background]
[background=transparent]4. Unspecified value in (Donation) implies program NOT available.[/background]
5[background=transparent]. Now you must agree that Paraguay is such an [/background]EXEPTIONALLY UNMATCHED GRAND BARGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
If there now exists a threat to the permanent residency and possibly citizenship granted to foreigners in Argentina I (and many others) would like to know about it ASAP.There's no point for anyone to seek either permanent residency or citizenship if there's no way to keep it.I would seriously consider selling out and possibly moving to Paraguay before that happens, even though I have no desire whatsoever to leave my present location.


Even USA can revoke Citizenship, let alone Green Card.
Any other country is no different.
But in my opinion I would NOT plan my life taking this into consideration.
I hope you are right, but I can't ignore what Dr. Rubilar has posted recently:

Police At My Door

Posted by Bajo_cero2 on 02 December 2017 - 09:38 AM in Expat Life
The police is nice because they do understand that you are not a criminal and they also understands how absurd it is.

However, here you are wrong. The director of the lawyers deppartment if the DNM confessed to a judge in written that the DNU is not for criminals, only honest people.

Immigration Lawyers

Posted by Bajo_cero2 on 10 October 2017 - 09:54 PM in Expat Life

Many members of this forum like Macri because they believe that discrimination is for Chinese, Bolivians and Paraguayans so, I understand the anger with the messenger.

Many believe the fairy tale that deportation is for criminals but I have a client who got deported even he is an honest person, happily I won the appeal and he is coming back soon.

New Immigration Decree, Long Life To King Macri!

Posted by Bajo_cero2 on 04 October 2017 - 08:58 PM in Expat Life

This new decree looks for deportation honest people.

(Automatic) Arrest Without Legal Order At Immigration

Posted by Bajo_cero2 on 02 October 2017 - 08:13 PM in Expat Life

Pensador, on 25 September 2017 - 10:42 PM, said:
Oh, one more thing my wifes cousin who is a very good friend of mine has a good friend who is a director in one of the immigration offices. He said this would or could happen if there was a criminal activity issue in the mix otherwise most unlikely.

This the official argument, however it is a lie.
If someone has criminal records, he cannot be deported because he is attached to a criminal case and, perhaps, he is going to spend time in jail.
So, in the real world they are deporting honest people.

Immigration Decree, Long Life To King Macri!

Posted by Bajo_cero2 on 28 February 2017 - 07:43 AM in Expat Life

Ceviche, in fact, real criminals cannot be deported until the sentence at jail is completed and almost all of them ask for voluntary deportation at 50 percent of the sentence so, they are free abroad many months earlier.

Most of the foreigners at jail are mules who signed a plea bargaining for 4 years and 5 months, so, after 26 and 1/2 months they ask to be deported.

So, forget it, this decree is for deporting honest people.

New Immigration Decree, Long Life To King Macri!
Posted by Bajo_cero2 on 08 February 2017 - 12:23 PM in Expat Life

Here you are missundertanding the debate and what is going on.

1. In this country people have rights because they are human beings.
2. What we know as human rights was developed by first time at the Argentine National Constitution.
3. This Decree has nothing to do with criminals, as I pointed before, it allows deportation for any infarction to the immigration law and most of them are defined by race, nationality and /or ethnicity;
4. The decree creates fake criminals for deporting honest immigrants.
5. As far as the procedure at the decree banns any control from Court, it is clear this is going to be used as a tool for ethnic cleansing because this administration is explicit about that they want to clean the country from Chinese, Bolivians, Peruvians, Paraguayans, whoever who is not of white race.


Actually, think about this... if you can swing it get a place on the coast of Uruguay around Punta Del Este. In the Summer rent it out for like 5 to 12 a month which will surely happen in most cases. Spend the summer someplace else then move back your place. You can rent 12 blocks from coast for fraction of what the vacationers are spending right on the coast and URU is easy residency especially if you are retired. Yes it is pricey in some places but there ways around that. I always thought I would be coming back here so I never really settled in so to say. But looking at the landscape now I might have to change my thinking. I knew several people including Argentinians that were doing just that and living well at the same time.


Thanks, ceviche. If it is wrong that you "do not need to live in Paraguay" while waiting to receive permanent residency, or citizenship do you know the actual "physical presence" requirement(s)?


Thanks, ceviche. If it is wrong that you "do not need to live in Paraguay" while waiting to receive permanent residency, or citizenship do you know the actual "physical presence" requirement(s)?
waiting in Py for Residency - not required

for citizenship = most of the 3 years spent inside Py required.


The two year "residency" requirement for citizenship does not entail a constant presence in Argentina for two years and your "two years" may have begun the first time you set foot on Argentine soil.;If you are about to make your ninth visit it's reasonable to assume that your first was well over two years ago,
That is, having arrived once as a tourist and having left after 2 months, you can return in 2-3 years and apply for citizenship?
But now they have passed a new law, according to which it is necessary to live 2 years with DNI. The time of residence on a Precaria for citizenship is now not counted, and residence on the Transitory is also not counted.


The point I wanted to make is that Tres Picos may have seen the original list that (at the top) indicated Paraguayan citizenship could be acquired in six months time a cost of $5200. He has already "almost decided" to move to Paraguay because it was easier (to get citizenship) there.

Yesterday someone posted that by law it would take at least three years and perhaps up ten times longer than the original time indicated (six months).

My comment about someone being arrested for "selling" Paraguayan passports has nothing to do with your motives for posting the information. I was not accusing you of anything. I sincerely appreciate and applaud your efforts in creating and updating the this thread.

Here is a great article detailing the requisites and procedure for getting citizenship (and hence a passport) in Paraguay. It includes details off the passport scam as well as the fact that it is necessary to open a bank account with a deposit of $5000 that cannot be touched until residency is approved.

It does not indicate that citizenship "costs" $5000 (or $5200).

Thia was published to the web on June 14, 2014:


From the article:

"Let me share with you the real process for acquiring Paraguayan citizenship and that elusive second passport.

Step 1. You need to acquire a certified copy of your birth certificate with an apostille from your home country.

Step 2. You need to acquire a police report (or FBI report if American) from every country you have lived in for the past 3 years. You will also need to have that provided with an apostille from the country that issued the police report or FBI report.

Step 3. You will need to appear at the nearest Paraguayan embassy to have the documents from step 1 and 2 legalized for Paraguay.

Step 4. You will need to acquire a Paraguayan visa (if required, based on your citizenship).

Step 5. You will need to open a bank account at a government approved bank with a minimum of $5,000USD
deposit. This money cannot be touched until your residency application is approved.

Step 6. You will need to appear in Asuncion for a litany of meetings, notary stamps, health certificates, signatures, etc. (No need to go into detail because you will need to hire someone to facilitate this process since it is virtually impossible to figure out on your own).

Step 7. You wait. This can be anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the government officials’ mood, weather, planetary alignment, or religious festivals. Once approved, you will receive your residence permit.

Step 8. With residence permit in hand, you apply for your id card (cedula). This can take another 1-2 months to produce. You may also get your Paraguayan driver license good for 5 years once you have the cedula.

Step 9. Now you wait again. Three years from the date of issue of your residence permit, you can apply for citizenship. Again, this is a process that necessitates a professional as there are many steps to take in Asuncion.
Step 10. After 6-12 months your citizenship will be approved (barring any issues) making you a Paraguayan citizen. All-in this process takes 4-4.5 years. You do not need to live in Paraguay. You will need to visit Paraguay 2-4 times, depending on a few variables."

Here is more information about the Paraguayan passport "scam" that was publish to the web ten days later:

Having gone thru the process, I can say with certainty the information in those 2 websites are grossly inaccurate. Residency is not that difficult to obtain for 1 world passport holders and it takes 4-6 months minimum. For Middle East, S Asians and Africans, almost impossible.

Although the law provides for citizenship after 3 years of residency, actually obtaining it is a total fiction. There was a discussion last year on expat discussion board with several thousands members if anyone received citizenship. Not a single person received it and also noone knew of anyone who received Paraguayan citizenship.

There is a group of Asuncion lawyers deriving their continuous income from unsuspecting citizenship applicants. The are led to believe there is one last bribe to be paid to a supreme court judge for their application to be approved. Of course the bribe is never the last one and gaulible applicants gave up ultimately.