Immigration For Dummies

Just to add to my last comments, I hit send too quickly and did not point out that the poster "rcrt" did not say he had overstayed his visitor's visa as SteveinBsAs indicated. One more assumption which is not correct.

In any event, and more specifically to the poster "rcrt", whether you go to your local DNM office without a Turno is up to you, as I am sure you know, there is never a guarantee in life and the same works for the law. If rules and the law were applied correctly as intended, we lawyers would not exist. But back to the point...

Bear in mind that Migraciones is not looking for people like you to hassle or remove from the country. In fact, and as was stated earlier in this post, DNU 70/2017, which would have made removals easier in certain circumstances, was struck down earlier this year.

Being refused entry is a whole other ball game and I would be careful if you have overstayed as this is indeed becoming more of an issue lately.

Again, it goes back to discretionary powers vested in Immigration Officers here. Whether they apply the law and enforce the rules is entirely irrelevant as the damage will already have been done if they turn you back. Getting back is not the problem but the costs involved in being stranded in Uruguay, another flight back here from wherecer, hotels, etc. are definitely a problem I am guessing most would prefer to avoid. And these costs are without adding legal fees to the burden.

Given that you are married to an Argentine, and assuming you have not committed a crime in Argentina, apply for a Turno and go down to the DNM with the documents that you have. If you are lucky, they will tell you to get an apostille for the FBI check you have. If not, worst case then you have to get another one. At the very least, you will have your Precaria after presenting the documents you have and that fixes your in/out issues and working en blanco, amongst others.

P.S. There is a rumour that the Residency fees are about the go up again in the next 3 months.

Best of luck to the poster "rcrt" and Adiós until the next time I feel like being accused of not being a lawyer and told by a non-lawyer about how immigration law works here in Argentina.

Saludos cordialmente, Jeni