Incredibly High Import Fees


I've only had one package sent to me here via regular mail. I had ordered some dress shirts. The package was delivered to my door. It was a commercial package with the invoice on the box.

It really seems it's hit or miss here. Even though I had a good experience, I'm not eager to try my luck again.


Registered husband was in the states and they weren't ready when we was leaving...he had them done there as it was nearly double the price to do them here!!! Glasses aren't cheap here at all!! At least for the type my husband got...
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Actually that is not correct. Cigarettes and meat are cheaper and the quality of meat is superior.

For a comparable meal in New York to Sottovoce, you would pay three times the price so perhaps I am wrong about a couple of things.


It's true that property taxes are lower here - a good deal lower than in big US cities and their suburbs (take a look at NJ property taxes for example).

Good restaurants are also cheaper but they aren't as good as in New York. I used to be a regular customer of Sotto Voce (someone mentioned this restaurant) but had a couple of bad experiences and gave up. The food was never as good as the restaurants I like in New York but it was/is cheaper.

MEAT? Does the writer mean beef or all meat? I find lamb, chicken and pork far inferior to what I can get in the US - either in good supermarkets or, better yet, farmers or gourmet markets where I get natural or organic meat. Beef is good here if it is bife de lomo but you can no longer be sure that it is grass fed as the agricultural industry is now using fed lots. I find the other cuts of beef tough. Roast beef is a LOT better in the US, for example.

All industrial goods and electronics are a lot cheaper in the US. Try buying a used or new car.

Taxis and buses are cheaper here though not as cheap as some people have said. Keep in mind that in the US there are public transportation passes you can buy that give you unlimited rides. My Senior Citizen parents pay NOTHING for public transportation as it is provided free by the government. Their medical care is also free - they are covered by MEDICARE and the 20% that the government does not pay is picked up by an inexpensive insurance policy. If they want, they can get FREE medical care at Veterans Hospitals (both parents being veterans). If they lived here they'd have to pay for private insurance to get decent care - and that care increases 50-60% at age 65-66.


I've found much that is less expensive in Argentina than it is in the United States. Unfortunately, though, most of that is also cheaper, inferior in quality.

The chief attractions to living in the Far South must be other than lower cost, I think, or one mustn't care about the quality of the goods.


I sent two boxes (by registered mail!) from Thailand (15 and 20 kgs each) with personal belongings, nothing new (cosas usadas) and after 16 months they still haven't arrived. They left Thailand, arrived and left Hong Kong and then there was ...nothing. I wouldn't mind paying some impuestos, but am afraid these are 'lost' forever.
Anybody had a similar experience perhaps?


rmartinbuenosaires said:
The only things cheaper here than in Europe or the U.S. are taxis and private medical care. Nada mas.
Interesting thought.

Please define the words "cheap" and "expensive".

1 kg of best quality filet de vaca cost AR$ 24.- in Mendoza.
1 kg of best quality filet de vaca cost AR$ 140.- in the vicinity of Copenhagen.

A pair of shoes of good quality cost AR$ 320.- in Mendoza.
A pair of shoes of good quality cost AR$ 580.- in the vicinity of Copenhagen.

An HP PhotoSmart D7360 AR$ 289.- in Mendoza.
An HP PhotoSmart D7360 AR$ 770.- in cheapest price in Danmark.

Identical meals in first rate restaurants:
Mendoza AR$ 91.-
Copenhagen AR$ 460.-
John St.

You may make price comparisons for some things ANYWHERE and come up with numbers.

You obviously did not read my second post which identified meat to be cheaper here and SOME restaurants as well. Believe whatever you want. It is your opinion and this is mine.

I just came back from Newport, RI and Cape Cod/Boston in August. I KNOW for a fact things are cheaper there than here and better selection and quality. Food, clothes, electronic products, airfares and cell phone calls are just some examples. Prices are much more competitive there as well as customer service. I don't know where you shop in Mendoza but I find it nearly impossible to find good quality shoes in Buenos Aires unless they are imported.