Incredibly High Import Fees


rmartinbuenosaires said:
John St.

You may make price comparisons for some things ANYWHERE and come up with numbers.

You obviously did not read my second post which identified meat to be cheaper here and SOME restaurants as well. Believe whatever you want. It is your opinion and this is mine.
I don't know about prices in the US - you do - but you included Europe, and Argentina is definitely cheaper on most good quality items (although many are imported) than Northern Europe, excepting e.g. some electronics, but not e.g. printers.

rmartinbuenosaires said:
I don't know where you shop in Mendoza but I find it nearly impossible to find good quality shoes in Buenos Aires unless they are imported.
In Argentina I buy Febo shoes which are of about the same quality as those I buy in Europe (Ecco and Clarks) but priced at some 60%.