intensive spanish


Hi all,
I'm coming to BsAs in mid-September (for my 5th visit) for 3 weeks and want to take intensive spanish classes...The internet is full of options, but can anybody suggest classes/teachers based on personal experience? Thanks!km


My teacher is great. I had him for a month last Feb & plan to have him again in Sept. He is Carlos ( He is an Argentine native, but lived in the US for 20 years prior to moving back to BA. He know grammar (both English & Spanish) inside out & will teach you everything you need to know.


Hi Im Julián i live in Palermo (Soho), im a tutor with experience, linguistics student native of Argentina with experience helping those who need to speak Spanish
Conversation, Grammar, Phrases,Pronunciation.
Everything to start talking !
You can take the lessons in your place, or going out, walking around the city or in the park.
Also you can take the class at home by skype !
contact me: jsmignogna [at]

Bye !