Is an annual visa worth the effort?

Mano Negra

May 21, 2009
Hi all,

I'm arriving in BA in October and intend to make it my base for 18 months travelling in South America. I am trying to determine what the benefits (or otherwise) are of obtaining an annual visa. It certainly seems to be a lot of hassle and as I don't need to work over this period, I am not sure what advantages it might bring. I will certainly be spending most of my time in Argentina but have my apartment sorted and won't need a bank account. I will however need to buy and insure a car.

Has anyone got a reason why the annual visa is a must have??
It doesn't sound like you need to arrange a CUIL or temporary residency. You should not have any problems leaving and entering the country over an 18month period. If there are times you will not leave Argentina for more than 90 days you can pay to extend the tourist visa. Otherwise take a ferry to Colonia for the day/weekend.

There is another active thread on the site at the moment about buying a car and insurance. I don't think you will need a CUIL to do so. Perhaps it may limit the methods of payment, i'm not sure, I don't own a car. I would check out that thread for more info.
My understanding is that you will not be able to take the car out of the country unless you are a permanent resident.