Is it normal for Argentinians to tease gringos about their Spanish accent?


My Spanish is intermediate and...when I have 'massacred' my intended comments in a few group settings - For example...Greg, cuantos años tiene? I responded, 'tengo 55 anos' at a table of 15 with an uproar of laughter!
And if an Argentine ever asks for your opinion (or if you have any US coins), be sure not to respond, "Tengo dos pennies." :oops:

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"Bery gud" -
Thank you for posting this. It's a good reminder. Some people want this ignorant goon to be president again. Are you kidding me...!!!
“Wine to wine” ??? I don’t even know what that means, I think she’s trying to say “Win win” maybe?...and the last clip I have no idea what she’s saying.
When Macri became president he held a press conference at the Casa Rosada. Then flew to Davos economic summit and gave a press conference in English and Spanish. The Kitcheners never went to Davos. Never gave an open press conference. It’s good to remember this in an election year.


yeah, i get ribbed quite often too. most of the time it's in good fun. my girlfriend seems to like my yanqui pronunciation though :)


I've been here 20 years. Yesterday I said "caca" instead of "caja." Everyone hears the influence of my first language in my Castellano accent. They always ask where I'm from, of course. I tell them Argentina is my country, which is the truth.

And what about Argentines who speak English? As long as you communicate, that's all that matters.


I have never been made fun of in my presence, but it happens quite frequently that random people panic because they can obviously see that I am a foreigner, so they assume I can't speak Spanish and no matter how good my Spanish is, they *think* they cannot understand me. It happens often in verdulerias, where they seem they cannot understand not even banana which is exactly the same in my native language. So they are the problem, not me.

I hate when I go to Farmacity or Carrefour and the guy speaks Spanish and then translates into English 'solo efectivo' and then rubbing his fingers 'only cash!' - I am not American, you moron! Sometimes I even tell them "no hace falta que me hable en inglés, no soy inglesa" but Argentinians are not used to get aggressive responses, so I try to limit those.

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Maybe there is the problem. Ladies that after years of lessons, with the best Spanish teachers, fail to communicate with taxi drivers or salespeople Over the Phone. Same situation with communications over the Intercom system..

Taxi drivers seem to get very confused with the pronunciation, of Las Cañitas, or Lacrozze, by English speakers..

Not to mention the names of Italian dishes in the menu "Penne Arrabiata" , Salsa Putanesca, Linguini Allio e Olio..!:rolleyes:


I worked all my life in factories. Any small thing was picked on for making fun. The thing I find most difficult is the modern way of taking offense, so when Argentines take the mick, I just accept it and feel comfortable.