Is the USA going to invade Venezuela

cabrera said:
USA might invade Venezuela soon and Obama the new president is continuing his lack of democracy in the region. Argentina is very worried about this development.
Youtube and RT may not necessarily be the best sources of information.

The number of US troops in Colombia is below 1,000.

Having Iraq, Pakistan, North Korea, Afghanistan, Obama, terrorism, the international situation in mind, a US invasion is not very likely, although internal problems have spawned e.g. bomb attacks elsewhere in the past, in order to direct the American public's attention away from their own reality.
Eva Golinger is a well known apologist for Senor Chavez, and has little credibility in the real world, so anything she says I take with a handful (far more than a pinch) of salt!
Based on what would they invade Venezuela? Chávez has 60%+ approval ratings (that's higher than Obama), has been elected in fair and free elections. Although far from perfect there is freedom of speech and press. If they would want to intervene for humanitarian reasons, I think Colombia would be a better option.
Freedom of press is now restricted in Venezuela. The latest is that Chavez is closing down opposition radio stations, apparently using tactics similar to those of Peron who found petty excuses to shut down newspapers that dared to criticize.

As for Obama invading silly can you get!
Sergio: Chávez closed down these radio stations because they didn't have their administration in order. The method used was onorthodox and only applied to opposition stations. Still, papers, radio and television stations can broadcast whatever they want.
My husband's company is in oil & gas, US owned. They are shutting down all operations by the end of the year in Venezuela, and along with other US-owned corps will be pulling out. All Venezuelan staff at his company are being shifted into Chile & Brasil. Rumour has it that US will be announcing trade embargo against Venezuela by the end of the year. So perhaps no war, but possibly a Cuban-style freeze out.
Reemster, you are wrong. Chavez is using some of the same intimidation tactics that Peron used when he closed down opposition newspapers on frivolous grounds. In May Chavez closed down Venezuela's oldest private television station because it opposed him. It was well publicized. You are quite mistaken if you think that freedom of speech in Venezuela is not being suppressed.