it,s quiet tonight

Toon Army!!!! but that's not gossip sorry - just good hard facts! Forgive the arrogance, but I've lived in football shame for many years now - so a little good news, sends me into orbit. Thanks for organising last Friday mate!
hey you aren,t "officially" champions for Friday I had a great time,,YOU REDSSSSSSSSSSSSS.......
so there i was on Libertador in San Isidro..I was pulled over by the police,they were stopping every car,it was about 1am sunday morning.I produced my documents no problem,i,d drank one litre of beer during the day so not ott by any means,anyway they didn,t ask me to blow,so I pulled onto the street at the traffic lights,which were on red,waited in the right hand lane..A car came up the side of me and as the light changed to green I set off and he/she cut right across in front of me to turn right...WATCHED BY SIX POLICEMEN,,he sped off and they didn,t do anything at all about it..i wanted to chase them but my wife advised against that,,,,,,,so he sped off cos he didn,t want to be checked,I stopped and came off worse,,,,food for thought eh?
well some party mailed me and said the do last Friday was full of asses....but who am I to spread gossip.....suerte
surely you don't expect old bill to do anything about trafic long you lived here 5 years...........and the animal rights looneys are playing up cause Sussex cricket club in Hove,Brighton got a profesional legalized gun permit holder to shot a fox that has been tampering with the pitch.....the umpires were stumped how to handle the problem.......
I would like to thank the weather guys for helping me to acclimatise for my visit back to Ireland, but reminding me what cool rain feels like!
In the Colonia countryside, slow and steady rain is not a curse but a blessing. Took about four years for that to sink in.