Judge Prohibits renting to tourists


Mar 25, 2007
This article has just appeared stating that a judge has prohibited a local owner from renting to tourists

http://www.minutouno.com/1/hoy/arti...-prohíbe-a-una-mujer-alquilar-su-departamento a-grupo-de-turistas-extranjeros/

Here are the first two paragraphs of the article:

La jueza nacional en lo civil María Cristina Bataini consideró que el alquiler temporario de un departamento del centro de esta capital a un grupo de turistas extranjeros alteraba las reglas de convivencia del edificio, por lo que prohibió a su propietaria realizar contratos de este tipo.

La magistrada tomó esa decisión ante la demanda promovida por el consorcio de propietarios de Callao 626, donde está la unidad cuya locación por breves períodos originó el pleito.
Don't make people panic for no reason.

All the article is saying is that this particular owner was renting to groups varying from 5 - 7 foreigners, although at times the apartment was occupied by more than a dozen people and they were doing things against the rules of the building consortium: having late-night parties and thereby "altering the tranquility of the building" and they were using common spaces of the building -- ie I bet they were having parties on the rooftop or their drunken friends were hanging out for too long in the lobby area etc.

The judge ruled the woman could not rent the building under these terms because although you aare allowed to rent for periods of shorter than 2 years, you cannot do so when there are conditions that violate the rules of the building -- ie violations of the building's security rules or esthetic violations.

IE All this is saying is that there were a bunch of transient, rowdy foreigners that were renting a building and acting like a bunch of a$%holes and the other owners wanted them out of the building so went to a juicio to do so. Had it been locals they probably would have done the same thing.