lanpass/one special 48k miles na 2 sa


Feb 10, 2007
just got an email from lanpass (lan chile frequent flyer program) that they have a special usa to south america ie buenos aires 49,000 frequent flyer kms half of normal amount. tickets must be booked before july 8 and travel completed by dec. use your miles and/or buy some if you need them. actually its half kms to usa but i just looked at ba
I just checked the Lan award chart. They seem to require 48,000 miles or kms or points for travel from South America 11 to North America, during the off season. I,m not sure what they mean by SA 11. I assume this for a round trip, but it doesn´t seem to say.
I just booked an award trip from BA to San Diego, returning to BA from San Francisco for late Oct -late Nov for 40,000 miles plus about US$70.00 on American Airlines. If your Lan miles can be used on American, you might get a better deal. American and Lan are partners.
i dont know that american is offering the deal, but lan is. lan is a member of the one world alliance so i presume without checking that you might be able to use one world alliance kms. by the way its 49k kms. i dont think lan converts your miles into more kms.
South America is divided into 2 zones for most mileage programmes, and 3 for others. As far as I remember without going on the sites and looking, for Mexicana and AA Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil = Zone 1, Argentina, Chile = Zone 2. You usually only need 30k with AA for North America - Colombia, but an extra 15k or so to get to Argentina.

For LAN, it's MESSED UP. LAN is a terrible programme for Argentina - North America. If you're thinking about joining an airmiles programme go for AA. LAN and AA are partners, so anytime you fly LAN you can put your miles onto your AA card. But LAN throws Argentina into a different zone than the other programmes, because all int'l flights on LAN to/from BA go via Santiago or Lima. So they want more miles than any of the other airlines for a North America - BA flight. On top of that, the routes are messed up, every LAN flight goes through Santiago so you can tack another 4 hrs or more onto any trip to North America.

Air Canada, don't even talk about it, it's crap, and they share routes with LAN. So I've got a horrible miles flight that with their messed up programme I managed to get for 50k. A flight to Vancouver on Mexicana = 17 hrs, on AA = 20 hrs, on Air Canada = 27 fricking hours. BA - Santiago - Toronto - Ottawa - Vancouver. If I wanted the more direct option, which was BA - Toronto - Calgary - Vancouver it was 100k. If I wanted the better route BA - Toronto - Vancouver it was 150k. On my way home I have a 40 hour flight. There's a 25 hr layover in Toronto -- fortunately my sister lives there so i'm going to stay the night with her. Otherwise I don't know what they expect their customers to do -- I guess sleep on the floor or cough up another 100 bucks for a hotel room in TO.

Best programme without a doubt for BA is AA -- low season = 42,000 miles to North America return, high season = 60,000 miles. (At least for the moment).
argentina and chile, i believe are in the further zone on all airlines. if you look at a map they are further away then central and the top of south america. american airlines puts chile and argentina in the same far zone, zone 2 whereas all the other countries are in zone 1. lan chile is a much better airline than american in terms of service. this 49k deal is still a good offer.