Another special exchange rate for some knowledge worker exports


Feb 5, 2013
Now a special dólar tecno following the dólar soja. Does this mean soon there will be a special FX rate for exporting apples and another different rate for exporting Malbec?

Oh, hey, this is wonderful. Another exchange rate is exactly what Argentina needs...

Can you say, "re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic" boys and girls? Of course you can!
Does it make sense that in many cases the effective tax rate is greater than 100% of official income?

Also, I was planning on buying two Intuos pro tablets as a gift and ended up buying them in Argentina, because of some mysterious exchange rate dynamics they were 30÷ cheaper in Argentina than in Europe or the US. Audis or MacBooks have also been cheaper for a while in Argentina than elsewhere.

All these exchange rates exist for the international traveller to detect arbitrage opportunities, so the few dollars that are still in the system through connections can be drained as well.

In Dutch, we have a saying "A cornered cat makes strange jumps".

The Peronists do not care about what makes sense for Argentina, they care about being in power. If another party is in power, things are easy: you just blame them of everything that goes wrong. It is harder to blame yourself so what do you do to distract attention?
Seems like things are happening with regard to this:

Seems like things are happening with regard to this:

It'll be interesting to see what they settle on dollar wise, there's a big difference between 30K USD/year and 50K USD/year considering the current monotributista regime allows for an annual income of 28.4K at the official exchange rate for category H, and most tech jobs abroad would pay more than 30K a year for full time employees.
Seems like things are happening with regard to this:

The presentation by Massa on Monday, which the BAtimes wrote about is only for large companies. Perhaps the other Infobae article knows something more in regards to freelancers which has not yet been announced.