Life In Floripa > Life In Bsa


I'm now in the Brazilian city Florianopolis, only 2 hrs from aeroparque and wow ... what a city! Lot's of Argentineans and Europeans living here because it's cheaper than in SP, Rio or Fortaleza. It's a clean, safe city with wonderful beaches, much better/healthy/fresh food than in BsArs. Every time I'm outside Argentina I realize how poor food is there. I've here more or less the same feeling I had in Medellin: a relax, good city to live in.

I was excepting much higher prices, specially now the peso is falling, but it's kind of more or less the same as in BsArs.
Another exceptional thing: the cultural life here. So many cinemas, theaters, dance places -also for milongueros.

Above all I'm very surprised by the kindness of people here, sofar I've met only very genuine people, never felt screwed like so many times in BsArs.

Would I live here? Yes if I was retired; for now I'm enjoying this city.


That is really surprising, I had many friends moving to floripaa fter being there for summer many times, and then moving out because of the lack of cultural life, maybe around 5 years ago. Not sure how it is now... I love it as a vacation destination, ive been there for almost all summers of my life, but i wouldnt dream of living there... Even thought there is great quality of life, at least thats what is said in other parts of brazil!


I lived there for a year. It's nice to visit but does get boring. You can only take so much cerveja and praia.